It’s all about people

At Netitude, we want to be a part of your growth and your success, whether your a client or part of the team, it’s our job to help you achieve your goals.

We believe that our employee’s happiness is just as important at our customers because we know that when our staff have the support they need to achieve great things, they enable our clients to succeed.

A great work environment, happy employees and low staff turnover rates mean our employees are here to stay. They form relationships with our clients, and have a genuine passion for everything they do.

Over the years we’ve developed a unique culture, with our four company values – Own IT, Nurture & Care, Be Brave and Innovate – running at the heart of everything we do.

Growth through Technology is our mission

Our purpose is to harness the opportunities technology offers to grow us personally and help others do the same.

The growth we strive for is not just financial but in capability, knowledge, and experience. Grow yourself and those around you at every opportunity by looking for ways to educate, inform, and offer opportunities to progress.

Our core values help us to fulfil our mission.

Netitude Team

Our core values

What our employees say

Michael Chubb
"The atmosphere is great, everybody helps each other out and the company goes above and beyond to look after their staff."

Michael Chubb
Senior Service Engineer (employed since 4th March 2019)

Jon Tout
"I like the fact that everyone gets along so well, we have a good laugh while providing great service to our customers"

Jonathan Tout
Technical Project Manager (employed since 21st of September 2015)

Beth Eckard Netitude
"The fact that I can bring Plonky to work is amazing, and I love how we work together as a team, we’re like one big work family. "

Beth Eckard
Solutions Coordinator (employed since 28th of March 2017)

Tom Knee, Noc Engineer
"I have to say working for Netitude is a pleasure, colleagues are friendly and knowledgeable, everyone is motivated and striving to do the best job possible. It’s a fun and relaxed atmosphere, people are always willing to help and there are lots of opportunities to improve your skills."

Tom Knee
NOC Engineer (employed since 3rd of October 2017)

David, Netitude
"Working at Netitude means I get to spend each day with a great bunch of people who are always willing to help each other. It's somewhere you're given the opportunity to learn a huge amount and develop your skills and no two days are the same, which keeps things interesting. Plus, as everyone always says in these, it's a dream to have so many dogs at work - everyone knows dogs make everything better."

David West
Technical Standards Manager (employed since 1st of April 2014)

Andrew Sloane
"I think the most important part of a job is that when you get up in the morning you are feeling happy about going to work! And this is a feeling I've had since starting at Netitude. Things I like about Netitude are learning new skills, being challenged, but also knowing you have a great team around you to help keep things on track."

Andrew Sloane
Technical Alignment Manager (employed since 6th of November 2018)

Michael Netitude
"Teamwork is important in IT, luckily Netitude have a great team that works hard and has fun doing it. I like how proactive Netitude's approach to IT is; getting ahead of problems helps build positive relationships with our clients. And of course, getting to bring my dog to work is fantastic! Letting all the dogs out for a play at lunch time is always fun."

Michael Hamer
Virtual IT Director (employed since 10th of December 2018)

Chris Applegate, Netitude
"Having been at Netitude for 5 years, I've experienced it swell from a small group to a great force. Throughout this time, it's maintained a sense of care for customers and staff alike. There is always going to be somebody available to help or to make you laugh. It's rare to find somewhere where everyone really is part of a common goal! There is also endless coffee which helps."

Chris Applegate
Technical Alignment Manager (employed since 17th of November 2014)

Stew Matthews
"There is so much opportunity to learn and develop your skills. You are given great support to reach your personal goals."

Stewart Matthews
Senior Project Engineer (employed since 1st of August 2016)

Laura Williams
"I enjoy being part of a team that has a real common goal. We have a great bunch of people all with varied skills and experiences which enables Netitude to give the best service to all its clients. Office dogs and an endless supply of fruit cereal is a real bonus too!"

Laura Williams
Sales & Marketing Manager (employed since 23rd of September 2019)

Lewis Netitude
"The relaxed atmosphere in the office is great. Everyone is so friendly, so we have a good laugh and there’s always plenty of people to help with any questions."

Lewis Rhule
Service Engineer (employed since 22nd of July 2019)

Shimon Sorga
"Netitude is staffed with truly excellent people. We take the time to support and help each other wherever we can, and as a team, we get on like a house on fire sharing plenty of jokes."

Shimon Sorga
Operations Centre Manager (employed since 24th of October 2014)

Elena Henderson Netitude
"Here at Netitude, we all look out for one another, if you need help, you’re never short of someone to ask. We are a bunch of laid back but hard-working individuals, which make our office a great environment to work in."

Elena Henderson
Customer Service Manager (employed since 26th of February 2018)

Dan Netitude
"Apart from great colleagues and a work environment which is both positive and supportive, I admire Netitude's approach to empowering clients with knowledge and ownership of their IT. This affords Netitude better focus on the more complex aspects of a client's tech infrastructure and to develop long term strategies that keep them ahead of the curve. Ultimately, this combination reduces downtime for businesses relying on every minute of productivity to grow and thrive in today's competitive markets."

Dan Bolton
Account Manager (employed since 22nd of July 2019)


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