Netitude Reveals Costs of Downtime with New Calculator

Ever wondered how much money your company is losing from your IT not working properly?

The reality can be alarming but it’s a reality many Managing Directors and Financial Directors have overlooked. That’s why Netitude has created an IT Costs and Benefits Calculator on their website. Managers’ can work out the exact amount of money a business is haemorrhaging from IT downtime and more importantly, how much of a saving could be made with a Fully Managed IT solution via Netitude, to deliver measurable ROI.

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Adding Up The Losses

All you need to do is enter a few details about your business operation into the Costs and Benefits Calculator, data such as your annual turnover, number of staff and average salary and then details about your organisation’s IT functionality. Combining these two data sets – a calculation is made that shows you what your losses from IT downtime are. In most cases the figure will be shockingly high.

For instance, for a £2million company with 20 staff, ‘downtime’ means losses of over £1,000 every hour. Due to historically poor IT service levels, some organisations have been led to believe that a system’s downtime rate of 5% to 10% is as inevitable as bad weather:  it happens, it eventually blows over and moaning won’t fix it. But over the year, losing 100-200 working hours can make the difference between whether a company survives or not.

IT support for estate agents imageAvoid Costly Downtime

The true impact can be far reaching – staff morale for instance and therefore productivity may be impacted from frequent IT problems. There is also the potential loss of reputation if customer orders go astray or online customer interaction does not function correctly.

Having a digital business also means that your company’s web applications need to work all day, every day of the year. The Digital Year is actually four times longer than the office hours a business operates in.

It’s hoped that for those who choose to use this unique Costs and Benefits calculator there will be a greater understanding of how much there is at stake with a poor IT support service and how much there is to gain from Netitude’s solution of round the clock pro-active monitoring, to avoid costly downtime.

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