Cloud Computing

Wifi in new builds and office moves

Wi-Fi – architecture for good connectivity

07 August 2017

It is a fact of modern life that everyone and every business needs internet access to operate. As this is a crucial requirement, it pays to start thinking IT when you start your building planning rather than leaving it as […]


Digital technology and the barriers faced by SMEs

G20 Summit & the Digitisation of Your Business

07 July 2017

By: Ross Harling, CIO and EU Research Evaluator.  In Hamburg this week, the tweets and arm-wrestling antics of Presidents and Government Heads may seem a long way from the challenges of getting a reliable broadband service and digitising your UK […]


Business Backup and Disaster Recovery Graphic

5 Myths Busted About Moving To The Cloud

04 April 2017

If you are a business owner holding back from migrating your operation to the cloud, just because you have heard a few comments, then it’s time to set the record straight. There’s plenty of misinformation about cloud that needs dispelling, […]


Why are SMEs not prioritising their online security?

5 ways to make sense of cloud security

08 August 2016

Cloud Security can benefit your business operations and performance When we talk to a new client as their MSP, we need to communicate the facts about cloud security effectively and for us this is a vitally important part of the initial […]


Cloud Migration

Disconnect from the Desktop

02 June 2016

For both established companies and the growing startup one of the primary factors in ensuring future prosperity is how flexible you can make your business to change and adapt to shifting trends. The days of slowly moving patterns in work […]


Cloud Services Bristol

Microsoft’s Cloud is Shrinking

21 December 2015

From the beginning of November Microsoft have announced they will be cutting the available cloud storage on their Onedrive, linked to a users Office 365 account, from unlimited to 1TB per user. Currently the change will only affect personal and […]


Office 365 small logo

Netitude Partner News: OneDrive storage unlimited!

28 October 2014

Netitude Partner News: Microsoft targets Dropbox and Google with unlimited OneDrive storage for Office 365 subscribers Microsoft is removing its OneDrive storage limits for Office 365 subscribers. If you are an Office 365 Home, Personal, or University subscriber then OneDrive storage […]


Netitude Cloud Computing

5 Reasons to Get Your Business in the Cloud

05 March 2014

The popularity of cloud-based storage systems and the advantages offered through their services and applications allow companies to see increased profits by allowing businesses to streamline operations resulting in higher productivity and lower costs. Put simply, here are 5 reasons […]



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