5 ways to make sense of cloud security

Cloud Security can benefit your business operations and performancecloud security to benefit your business

When we talk to a new client as their MSP, we need to communicate the facts about cloud security effectively and for us this is a vitally important part of the initial consultation. Many businesses are not that aware of what cloud security means and how it can benefit their business operations and performance. Here’s a quick-fire, 5 point guide which lays out what you need to know about cloud security, so that when you make decisions on your level of service, you have an informed view of why you need it.

1. Understand differences in types of Service Level needed

You need security, it’s that simple but what type of service level is the decision which will impact on your business. Make sure that it is strong enough. Your business type will dictate the kind of security you should have to be safe. According to a report by Verizon, just over 80% of data breaches happen to small businesses. With this in mind, make sure you are protected enough to remain in the slimmer margin of those never breached. Cloud comes as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) which means you can purchase it on a monthly basis. You basically get more for less investment. Talking to one of our trained technicians means we can work out the best options for your business.

2. Understand what the true dangers and costs are of having poor security

There is often a misconception that data breaches and hacks are little more than a nuisance. The truth is that they are usually either very costly or kill your entire business. Whilst this may sound overly dramatic, the fact is that 60% of SMEs go out of business within 6 months of a cyber attack according to the National Cyber Security Alliance in the US. It can be very similar to leaving the keys in your front door to the office and having it ransacked, or the very fact you are forced offline can cripple cash flow, reputation and possibly compromise your data.

3. Why cloud is the best option

Cloud sounds very ethereal but in reality your data is stored in a very secure place equivalent to a bank. When you choose on-site security you are far less secure – it’s more like stashing your jewels under a mattress. Whilst it feels like its close and under control – it’s very vulnerable and not even comparable in standards to the offsite, highly protected data storage that cloud solutions offer.

4. Think of data protection like burglar alarms and good locks for a house

One good way to sum up the need for cloud security is to view it in the same way as having burglar alarms and locks for the house – a consideration that most do not think twice about. It’s frustrating to know for those affected, but 97% of data breaches could have been prevented with today’s cloud based security technology.

5. Cloud based security means industry compliance is easier

Cloud security has encryption as standard to protect data like customer details. This means compliance is no headache and taken care of. Cloud based security solutions meet HIPAA, PCI, SOX and FINRA standards. So apart from everything else, you will not have to tick off administrative details that cloud offers as part of the service.

Today, it is widely seen as a mistake not to use cloud services. Cloud protects your data and makes sure it is recoverable quickly. In a 24/7 world it is the only way to relax with the knowledge you are covered in the worst case scenarios and protected when criminals try to infiltrate your business, which you have invested everything into.

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