backup-and-disaster-recoveryA business is built on data. Data is a key asset earned and garnered over time and the true worth of it can too often only be fully realised when it is lost through an accident or disaster. Netitude embraces the latest cloud-based solutions to ensure its clients are safe, whatever disaster may strike. Have a look at our IT Backup and data recovery services here.

Data loss is something that every worker has experienced at some point – that feeling that the save failed before the computer crashed but on a business-wide scale the consequences of losing bulk data can be severe and even ruin the company. Imagine if your contacts, transactions, contracts and administration all vanished in an instant!

Lose All Your Data, Lose All Your Business

A study of SMEs carried out by The Diffusion Group revealed that 60% of companies that lose their data go out of business within six months and 72% of businesses that endure a massive data loss can fail in as little as 24 hours.
Another study by the British Chambers of Commerce discovered that 93% of businesses that had a data loss for over 10 days went bankrupt within a year – 50% immediately! These figures should be nothing short of terrifying if you have not, as a business manager, thought through data disaster recovery processes.

Which IT Back-Up Is Best?

The old ways of data backup rely on hard copies stored on location (not always a great solution if the disaster is, for instance, location related – like a fire) or off location – which means a lot of fuss and of course, both these solutions mean possible holes in the data from the last save. If a save is only once a day for a hard copy then what if the disaster is just before the save?

cloud migrationThere is a solution available as a service that means your entire IT system’s data is copied every 15 minutes and recoverable in 30 minutes of a disaster. It’s never turned off so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Back-Up is effective. This solution means it is possible for the data to be saved both on equipment on your premises, for extremely rapid recovery and in the cloud, which allows recovery to any location. When time is money this is potentially a business saving proposition. It makes your company protected, your data safeguarded and gives you ‘bullet-proof’ business continuity that will allow you to sleep at night.

At Netitude – we implore you to consider our back-up and disaster recovery solution which will make your data safe and secure. For more information contact the team at Netitude.

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Adam Harling

21 April 2015

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