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Interviews are tough, unwelcoming and probably very low down on a list of things people like doing. The thing is, most interviewers know this. We certainly do, and here at Netitude we have tried to combat this and make it a good experience for all concerned.

So with this in mind here are a few tidbits on what it’s like to interview at Netitude!

First up, clarity!

We post our Salary ranges and a very large bio of what we are looking for all our job adverts. Sometimes our ads can be quite extensive but so is IT. We are not looking for people to match exactly with everything on a Job advert but to see what we could be dealing with.

We will always post job adverts with salary, so everybody knows what to expect. Additionally, as a Living Wage registered company, all of our employees start on the Real Living Wage as a basic. Work for us is about our whole lives being comfortable so we want to make sure our staff are paid well.

Next up is our application process, all we ask for is information about the people applying. For various roles we will have a first-time phone-based interview. This isn’t an over the phone grilling, its just about getting to know a bit more about a candidate before we bring people into a formal office.

Phone Interviews

In this Phone interview we lay out 5 simple questions and the one thing we ask for is honesty. Something regularly said at Netitude is that we don’t want an “Interview Answer” from our applicants, if you don’t know what this is then think along the lines of:

“I work well in a team as well as independently on my own”

We want to get to know you, not some rehearsed lines. Normally you will speak with someone in the business who isn’t the lead interviewer to quantify the phone interview, so this person is normally looking for someone who fits within our core values.

If you are successful then onto… the Face to Face interview…

Before the Face to Face Interview

We all know that Interviews are not fun, but what many people don’t know is that they are also not always the most fun thing for the interviewer. With this in mind, before anyone steps through our door at Netitude we send candidates an little “Interview at Netitude Guide” to get the normal information out of the way. In this document we cover off all of the “Basics” as we call them. Things like:

  • How to get to us
  • Who you are interviewing with (with handy pictures!)
  • What to expect
  • What is going to happen in the interview
  • Information on our Culture and Core values
  • Standard benefits

As well as a bit more!

The aim of this for us is to take out the formalness of an interview. We offer up all our standard information before hand to help the interviewee feel more comfortable and have more info.

The Interview itself

We will follow a loose process, all open forum and in a discussion format. it’s all about getting to know the applicant rather than a grilling. A rough layout as to what we will go through is:

  • Grab a drink and take your seat.
  • Introductions – A big hello from everyone
  • About us – We run over a bit of info about us and what the Job role is
  • About you – Your work history and skills, this is your time to talk all about you!
  • Technical/Skills questions – Each role is different, so this will be catered around the role and your skills.
  • Core Values
  • Let’s get personal – A few questions about who you are and us too: Who are you as a person? What are your likes and dislikes? Do you fit in with our Humble, Hungry and Smart approach to business?
  • You question us – We are going to ask a lot of questions. This is time for you to think of something to ask us.
  • Benefits and the role – What we are offering
  • Any last questions

For us at Netitude, we are all about the people, so our biggest focus is you. We like to see an extensive qualification history but we absolutely love an engaging and honest person more. We have a firm belief in “Teamwork making the dream-work” as cliché as it sounds, so that’s how we approach our recruitment.

You will always be interviewed by a direct head of the department that is hiring as well as a member of that team, that way we can get a real judgement on the people (not just the skills) we see.

We ask some odd questions in the interview… don’t worry too much about them beforehand, but just tell us about you. Our absolute favourite question (…and no we are not going to tell you what it is) is a highlight for us. The one hint we will say is our most common answer is “Dog”… you can decide what to do with that information!

Hopefully the interview is an enjoyable experience for all, we ask for openness from our Interviewee’s and we offer this back to them too.

After the interview

Once we have made our decision we will contact out to everyone we interview when the process is finished. If you are not successful? Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong that you might just not be right for Netitude.

We are not right for everyone, so it could be mutual. Sometimes we will also take your info and contact you at a later date, so whilst every job isn’t right now, it could be right later.

That’s it, that is a little bit of information on how we deal with a major part of Netitude. Our people are our company, so we have to work hard to find great people.

if you are looking to apply at Netitude check out our vacancies here.


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