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We’ve come to realise that there are many views held in the business world around IT support and the engineers involved that aren’t quite right. Being on the sharp end of the service, it’s true that there are many things that people think about IT that are real misconceptions. Here’s a list of seven that many a business manager might identify with. Let’s set the record straight.

1. You only need to call IT when something breaks

Not true! IT support works best when your IT needs are cared for and monitored around the clock, not just when a computer crashes. Your IT is a valuable business tool, so develop it and take care of it like you would any other tool. The more communication from the client, the better, so tell us when something in the business changes and we can align the IT for business solutions that really make a difference to the way you can handle challenges effectively.

2. The cost of IT is in hardware and software

The REAL cost in IT is underinvesting and then experiencing downtime as a result, where all staff are not working and the business is not operating. When this happens, not only your money but your reputation is in danger with every passing minute. Again, the sooner you realise that IT is THE thing that your business relies on to function, the sooner you realise that you need 24/7 support for emergency failures, instant recovery and backup and proactive monitoring against potential problems. Think of IT as the ship, it needs to be above water at all time or you all go down with it.

3. Macs don’t get viruses

It’s a lie! Whilst Apple are a much-adored brand that, for some, can do no wrong, the truth is Macs can and do get viruses! Consider the myth busted.

4. If you disrespect or shout at engineers it will result in better and faster service

This is not an exclusive IT trade problem, granted – but surprisingly relevant to the service in general. IT engineers are both technical experts and customer facing agents. Sometimes engineers get badly treated and talked to with contempt. If your style is yelling at service providers as a norm, you’re basically attacking the people there to help you, which is not smart or pleasant. IT engineers are humans too, in fact most of them are sensitive souls – treat them with respect and they will be able to resolve your issues faster.

5. If an engineer doesn’t know absolutely everything about every available piece of hardware, software or accessory in the world they are not qualified to do the job

Let’s be honest. Nobody can know the answer to absolutely everything, but engineers can be experts on many a technical subject matter and have a deep knowledge of their specialist areas. In many ways, this links to the previous point around respect. The qualifications that engineers need to do their job are earned from being able to meet high standards but the field of IT is vast. One thing engineers realise is that they are often learning on the job too.

6. IT services are all the same, just shop for the cheapest option

When was the last time you regretted going for the cheap option? Cheap usually means either cutting corners or an inadequate, ineffective service. Looking after IT for any business should not be taken lightly, as it requires planning, proactive maintenance and careful management. To do this properly takes time and skilled personnel, you just can’t do it cheap if you want to do it right!

7. You’re better off blaming your issue on the IT company, so that they are forced to take responsibility

Nope! This is scapegoating and as the experts, we usually find out what really happened. Resolutions come quicker when people are telling the truth and helping the engineer solve the problem – we are always here to help, no blame needs to projected to resolve the issue. Something that surprises engineers is the amount of deflection, blame and accusation when there is really no need for it. We are the service providers, we are there to help, we certainly would never dream of telling off clients if they have tinkered with something but please trust us and explain the real issues.

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