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Netitude beams Wi-Fi to Stephen Fry

Adam Harling May 22, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Netitude are supplying Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the 2014 Hay Literature Festival via multiple satellite broadband links at this renowned digital blackspot.

How have Netitude helped?

With live BBC multi-channel programs and world news broadcasts now taking place from the event, Netitude had to develop new technologies to meet ever higher demands for fast communication and social media links among presenters, audiences, friends and followers around the world.

About the site

Described as a ‘digital black hole’, the Hay Festival site is in a beautiful but remote location many miles from any broadband links robust enough to meet the high demands of today’s major events. Netitude had only a few days for site checks and technical design, and then the race was on to commission satellite links and configure equipment.

Netitude Managing Director, Adam Harling, said “We were delighted to be asked to provide Wi-Fi technology for such a prestigious event. Knowing that Hay’s new President, Stephen Fry, has nearly 7 million Twitter followers, meant this would be a major challenge."

Netitude’s innovative design leverages multiple satellite upload and download links with advanced Wi-Fi technologies to service 700-800 simultaneous connections. Wi-Fi users can be located anywhere on the 40 acre site and have Free access to four separate networks. The weatherproof equipment is monitored live from Netitude’s Frome office and onsite, with bandwidth capacities reconfigured as required.