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Netitude races ahead!

Adam Harling Nov 10, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Formula 1 technology at the forefront of IT company’s cutting edge service.

An Editorial in the Frome Times: 6th November 2014.

Not only is the Netitude MD a Formula 1 fan, but this fast-growing IT services company uses the same type of technology that monitors the stability of Frome’s Jenson Button’s F1 race car to constantly check on their clients’ computer performance.

“24-hour diagnostic monitoring of every device is now the norm for Netitude’s managed services customers” says MD Adam Harling, “because their businesses have to operate at all times and in all situations. Our technology means we have the advanced warning to deal with issues before they become a business disaster”.

The critical importance of Netitude’s cutting-edge technology was highlighted very recently: In the early hours of a Saturday morning an unusual fault occurred at a local professional services firm. Netitude’s on-call engineer was alerted immediately and remotely diagnosed the probable cause. “All Netitude technical staff are fully briefed on the nature of our customers’ business” says Technical Manager Nathan Charles, “so we knew that if we could not fix this then forty professionals would have no work to do come Monday morning.”

Because Netitude had installed a fully resilient system, the solution could be automatically initiated and the backup servers were online and fully available within minutes. Since the backup system had taken over full duties, the faulty machine could then be repaired without any business downtime. “Nowadays, we always configure computer networks with disaster resilience in mind” said Nathan, “our customers’ business has to continue, whether there is a fire, flood, virus or a rare hardware failure.” The greatest satisfaction for Nathan came when a senior manager praised the Netitude performance with the ironic words “Well, nothing was lost and the staff didn’t even notice!”

This highlights the fact that instances can arise at any time, and businesses that do not have disaster resilience or backup plans in place can experience equipment failure without warning. By comparison a local firm, who were not a client of Netitude at that time, recently suffered two weeks of lost productivity and a data recovery bill of several thousand pounds due to hardware failure and a lack of backup disaster recovery solution in place. Netitude were able to assist with the data retrieval and got the business back in operation within the minimum time possible. Needless to say they are now using Netitude to reconfigure and manage their IT services.

Netitude Ltd was founded in 2001 and in the past twelve months has doubled in size, now with a team of 15, and has become one of the region’s leading IT services companies. Having helped its customers succeed through waves of internet business usage, Netitude is now providing a wide range of mobile and cloud applications for workforces with increasingly flexible time and location requirements.

MD Adam Harling says that he puts their rapid growth down to “Listening to our customers, appreciating their comments and always striving to improve our services by implementing better processes and developing excellent people.”

Remarkably Netitude has also become a recognised name in outdoor event Wi-Fi, particularly in technically difficult locations. Whether it’s connecting Stephen Fry to his seven million twitter fans at the Hay Festival, transmitting Jamie Oliver’s new recipes from his Feastival events or handling a whole variety of events at The Bath & West Showground, thousands of event visitors are able to communicate to the world via Netitude Wi-Fi.

If you would like to arrange a free no obligation IT check-up, or to discuss any IT requirement you may have, please call the Netitude team on 08453 670114.