Netitude Proudly Sponsors Frome Cricket Club

Adam Harling 16-Aug-2014 00:00:00

About Frome Cricket Club

Frome Cricket Club is a vibrant and passionate community of cricket enthusiasts based in the picturesque town of Frome, Somerset, England. Nestled amidst rolling hills and green fields, the club has been a hub for cricketing excellence for many years.

Our Partnership

Netitude is honoured to be a proud sponsor of the Frome Cricket Club. Our commitment to supporting local sports and fostering community spirit aligns perfectly with the club’s values. Frome Cricket Club operates three senior teams and three junior teams, all of whom play their home matches at the historic Fromefield ground.

The Spirit of Cricket

At Netitude, we believe in more than just technology. We believe in the spirit of cricket—the camaraderie, the teamwork, and the unwavering passion that drives players to excel. By sponsoring Frome Cricket Club, we contribute to the growth of the sport at the grassroots level and encourage young talent to shine on the field.

Community Engagement

Our partnership extends beyond the boundary ropes. Netitude actively participates in club events, fundraisers, and community initiatives. We’re not just sponsors; we’re part of the Frome Cricket Club family. Whether it’s cheering from the stands or providing IT solutions behind the scenes, we’re committed to making a positive impact.

Visit Frome Cricket Club

To learn more about Frome Cricket Club, explore their website: Frome Cricket Club. Discover the latest news, follow match updates, and get to know the players who wear the club colours with pride.

Netitude is thrilled to continue this partnership with Frome Cricket Club, and we look forward to many more seasons of exciting cricket. 🏏🌟

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