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GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

General Data Protection Regulation

07 August 2017

General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) is the new legislation which came into force 25 May 2016 from the EU; businesses and organisations have until 25 May 2018 until the law applies to them. Despite this impending deadline businesses are failing […]


Digital technology and the barriers faced by SMEs

G20 Summit & the Digitisation of Your Business

07 July 2017

By: Ross Harling, CIO and EU Research Evaluator.  In Hamburg this week, the tweets and arm-wrestling antics of Presidents and Government Heads may seem a long way from the challenges of getting a reliable broadband service and digitising your UK […]


IT support for IT departments

Why Managed Services Beats Other IT Support Options

17 January 2017

In general you can split the IT support services available into three categories: Managed Services, Ad-hoc and pre-purchased hours. So, which suits your business the best? The old ‘break-fix’ model of IT support, required only when a computer breaks down, […]


Why are SMEs not prioritising their online security?

5 ways to make sense of cloud security

08 August 2016

Cloud Security can benefit your business operations and performance When we talk to a new client as their MSP, we need to communicate the facts about cloud security effectively and for us this is a vitally important part of the initial […]


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The Weakest Link for Ransomware is Your Staff

21 July 2016

Crypto Locker has been widely reported in the South West and as malware goes, it’s as sinister and damaging as they come. Since last year, the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau issued a warning for the whole region that the scam […]


Why are SMEs not prioritising their online security?

Data Protection – It’s Not an Act

15 February 2016

One of the best resources for any business is a well maintained archive of customer records. By monitoring and updating the details of clients, be they potential or longstanding, a business can tap into a market offering deals and sales […]


Malware Security | Ransomware | Netitude

Teach a Man to ‘Phish’

21 January 2016

Phishing emails have long been a figure of fun especially with the widely known, and laughable, Nigerian prince needing your bank account to hold money. Learning from these rather obvious forgeries Phishers have been forced to become much more sophisticated […]



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