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Businesswoman typing corporate e-mail using laptop at office desk.

What’s the difference between Office 365 and Exchange Server for email

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Work-from-home cyber security tips

There is no doubt about it, remote working it here to stay. As we once again adapt to a new way of working (flexi-work), we need to clearly draw a line between work and home. And..

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IT challenges in Financial Services

As long-standing IT support partners to a wide variety of businesses in the finance sector, we see how technology is dramatically changing the entire finance industry. While there..

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Prevent WiFi issues from interrupting your business

In this modern world, we take utilities for granted. The light turns on when we flip the switch, water comes out of the tab when we turn it, and our devices are connected to the..

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Why should your IT provider be a tech partner for platforms you use?

When it comes to choosing the right IT provider for your business there are many different qualities you should consider. But is it important for your IT support provider to be a..

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IT mistakes most SMEs make

When it comes to business technology, “If it isn’t broken, why fix it?” is the common mentality shared among business owners. While larger corporations may have an IT department..

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What client feedback means to us and how we use it

The old saying goes, there is no such thing as bad feedback, and it’s something that we at Netitude try to live by.

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One year on, is Zoom safe to use?

It's been a year since many of us said goodbye to our offices and started working from home, and for a lot of us, this was our first experience of working remotely, so it took..

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Top 6 Cybersecurity Risks for Businesses in 2021

In the past few years, the level of business cyber-crime has risen dramatically and it’s no longer just big financial companies being targetted – small and medium-sized businesses..

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How have SMEs benefited from Digital Transformation?

For many small and medium organisations, digital transformation is top priority over the next few years. But there are still a number of businesses choosing to remain stagnant,..

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