The Netitude Way – Above the Line

Adam Harling 18-Nov-2016 00:00:00

Culture is something that lots of businesses talk about, but we at Netitude like to think that we have a slightly different approach to our culture.

When we recruit we look for a certain type of engineer to staff us at Netitude, people who are willing to go the extra mile, take ownership and be responsible for their actions. We look for people who are looking to learn and to become better engineers and work to the best practice’s, but most importantly we look for engineers who can understand the impact IT has on our clients lives.

To do this internally we work by a business model called “Above the Line”.

How does this work?

This model means that we look at all our engineers to be OAR not BED.

Above is the OAR, which stands for:


Then there is the line (the most important part)

But below this is BED:


Our aim and what we teach our engineers is to stay “Out of BED” and to only live by OAR. With this we look to our engineers to Own all service tickets, be Accountable for our actions and always act with Responsibility with all of our clients.

It’s a simple breakdown, but something that leads our internal culture, and has pushed forwards our Support, Projects and Sales as a business.

You can contact any of our team using our Meet the team page and call them direct (all apart from Morgan, he is rubbish at phones).