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What businesses can learn from recent flooding

Adam Harling Dec 6, 2013 12:00:00 AM

Unfortunately, Mother Nature is a force difficult to contend with and many of us in the southwest of England have been affected by recent flooding.

Whilst the media quite rightly focuses on the affect this has on people’s homes, the effects on some families can be twofold as those who work locally may not have a job to return to as their work premises have suffered at the hands of the floods.

How can businesses protect themselves?

The inherent stability of the UK can often lull us into a false sense of security and the notion that unexpected natural, political or social turmoil could affect your business often doesn’t get much thought. After all, we hear of earthquakes in California, volcanic eruptions in Iceland and civil uprising in Ukraine but that kind of thing just doesn’t happen here. Except when it does.

The modern era of cloud computing allows businesses to separate their valuable, essential and potentially revenue generating information systems from key risks which include not only natural events, but also theft and sabotage for example.

Businesses owners in affected parts of the UK are arriving back at their office premises to find flood damage that goes deeper than aesthetic appeal. Office furniture and stationery can certainly be replaced in due course but damage to computer systems and the inevitable loss of invaluable data can have consequences that reach long into the future of the business and the recovery time may even be years.

Why Cloud Computing?

By considering cloud systems, such a risk is alleviated in the future. A cloud backup solution ensures your information is safe on remote servers and easily recoverable in the event of complete technical failure or destruction. In fact, complete recovery is often achievable in a few hours.

Temporary Move? No Problem. The flexibility brought by cloud computing and backup extends far beyond disaster recovery.

Businesses affected by the flood damage may find that a different premises is appropriate until damage is fixed. In which case implementing cloud solutions in your temporary office space would be ideal as when (or if) you decide to move back, the cloud will work just the same way if you move to Bristol or Bangladesh.

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