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I don’t like IT, I LOVE IT

Adam Harling May 11, 2017 12:00:00 AM
Programmer working in a software developing company office

It’s certainly not rocket science joining the dots between a successful company and the reliability of their IT Infrastructure.

As businesses often heavily depend on IT for operational efficiency, service delivery, product development and customer communications the need for consistent and trustworthy IT becomes mission critical. Consequently, more companies are electing to partner with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who can review/resolve challenges on a 24/7/365 basis – allowing businesses to focus on what they do best and love; their business.

These types of relationships are often seen as a reactive however strategic planning with an MSP will not only keep a business competitive but mitigate risks associated with changing technologies, ever evolving security threats and disaster situations.

What does a Good MSP look like?

A good MSP will:

  • give you space to focus on your business needs not your IT ones
  • be an emergency service focused on minimising downtime, maximising productivity and fixing problems before they impact your business
  • be dedicated to monitoring your systems (a Virtual Network Manager), run regular audits and perform on-site maintenance
  • keep you updated, provide insights and recommendations with a dedicated Virtual IT Director
  • provide user education and advice
  • keep you safe from security risks
  • will keep your sensitive information safe
  • prevent data loss, backup data and restore data
  • be Quality Assured and SLA focused.

Good is good but let’s focus on GREAT!


  • provide all the above and go that bit further
  • make you fall in love with your IT all over again
  • be customer-centric; focusing on individual and company-wide business success and what that means to your stakeholders
  • understand and embrace your culture treating every partnership an extension of their own business family
  • invest in developing core skills and competencies specific to your unique business needs so their Gurus become your Gurus
  • listen
  • respond to feedback
  • be trustworthy, reliable and honest.

Does this resonate with your own business IT needs – perhaps it’s time to consider the benefits an MSP can bring your company?