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The course: Unlock your data with Power BI

Whether you’re new to the program and need help setting up, or want to know more about what it can do, we tailor our Microsoft Power BI training to suit the needs of you and your business. We’ll train you using your own business data so that you fully benefit from learning how to create dashboards that will drive your team’s productivity.

The training is completely flexible, through guided learning, we’ll teach you everything the cloud based business intelligence tool can do for you. Get in touch to talk about your Power BI needs!

What can we teach you during your training workshop?

  • Overview of Power BI and it's capabilities
  • The Toolset available to you
  • Introduction to apps available in Power BI Online by different SaaS applications
  • Accessing Data from Excel as a data source
  • Using the Quick Measures features
  • Introduction to DAX language for advance analytics and data modelling
  • How to publish reports
  • How to create use backgrounds, themes and templates when creating dashboards
  • How to use Power BI’s Q&A feature on our dashboards
  • Learn best practices for using the program

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What is Power BI?

Power BI is a visually innovative data analyst and reporting tool that lets you create interactive dashboards so you can see your business from a 360-degree perspective. You can plug Power BI into a wide range of data sets, including Excel files or your data warehouse to explore your data with interactive visualisations and custom visuals that help you make informed decisions, quickly.

Why use Power BI?

You can collaborate with your team or clients by publishing reports, dashboards and sharing insights both in and outside of your organisation.

Power BI reports on the past, in real-time and has the power to look into the future to see what might happen. The programs machine learning capabilities means it can pick up patterns in data and use the patterns to make informed predictions to run “what if” scenarios. With Power BI reporting, the list of possibilities is endless! Learn about Power BI vs Excel here.

Benefits of Power BI:

  • Data Analysis: Power BI can collect your company data, whether it's located in the cloud or locally, and provides quick and easy access to this data. Get a live 360 ° view of your business, enabling you to search and explore your data quickly and easily.
  • Interactive reporting: Even when you're on the go you can see all your data on one screen with the Power BI Mobile app, which automatically updates changes in data.
  • Financial overview: See all your financial data in a single view.
  • User-friendly mobility: With the intuitive tools you can explore the underlying data, which makes it easy to find exactly the answers you need.
  • Data Visualisation: With Power BI you can be both creative and productive. Combine data from various databases, files and web services with the visual tools in Power BI and gain unique insight into your data.

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