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Cybercrime is the number one threat to businesses everywhere. Everyone knows about the risks, but every day thousands of people click on infected links, give out their bank account details to fraudsters.

Big-name companies that we’d all assume should know better, end up leaking confidential records or paying out ransoms to hackers.

According to a 2019  survey conducted by  Censuswide, 89% of surveyed organisations in the UK said they had suffered some kind of security breach – of which a staggering 63%  had been down to user error.

Embedding security culture into your organisation is all about minimising those mistakes and providing humans with a framework that helps them make good decisions.


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  • Introduction to "How to make cyber security a solid part of your business’s culture"
  • Creating a culture of security
  • Why do organisations need a security culture? Isn’t software enough?
  • 5 steps to creating a sustainable security culture


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