What happens when your IT systems encounter a glitch?

When systems start playing up, even the most committed staff will jump at the chance to take a break. It’s the perfect opportunity to stop working or sneak off early, after all, what are they meant to do if they’re computers aren’t working properly?

Every second your systems aren’t functioning the way they’re meant to and staff sit around and chat, it costs your business money.

Where some employees will sit back and relax, others will jump in to try and resolve the issue themselves, which can often cause more problems than its worth…

Something as trivial as a faulty printer can bring your whole organisation to a standstill, so what can you do about it?


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  • Introduction to How IT steals your staffs time and productivity
  • Most common IT problems
  • Who staff turn to when things go wrong
  • Why is pays to invest in proper IT support
  • 4 benefits to investing in IT support


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