Remote working has been on the rise for years

There are many benefits to implementing remote working for your business, but to be sure it runs smoothly for your business and your employees, you need to have a strong policy in place.

You will need to layout the expectations as well as the various processes and procedures associated with your version of remote working.

But what should you be looking at covering in your policy? Download our guide to get a basic understanding of best practices and things to consider.


What’s covered in the guide?

Get to know what you need to cover

What’s covered in our guide?

  • Aim of the policy document
  • Define the scope
  • Remote working request procesdure
  • Approving remote working requests
  • Expectations of remote working
  • IT equipment
  • Security
  • Adsence & sickness
  • Health & safety
  • Confidentiality


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