What are Netitude’s Voice & Data Services?

Our family of high-speed IP connectivity services connects your business directly to Netitude’s next-generation national network and the internet, enabling you to meet your ever-increasing bandwidth needs and allowing you to take full advantage of everything cloud-based services have to offer.

With more and more applications moving from the customer premises and into the cloud, it is essential you can connect your business and workforce reliably and at high speeds. Our Data Services provide this essential connectivity platform on which you run your business communications and also allow you to converge both your voice and internet connections onto a single network, delivering cost savings and assured service quality.

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Why Use Our Voice & Data Services?

With a diverse portfolio of broadband, fibre optic broadband, EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) and fibre optic Ethernet, we have the right service to meet the needs of any size business.

  • Enabler for cloud services
    As you move applications and services to cloud, feel confident that you have the right connection for reliable and high-quality access to these services.
  • High performance connections
    Our services are ideal for the many applications that need assured throughput across a high performance and low latency network, underpinned by a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Cost savings through convergence
    We can provide your voice communications and internet over a consolidated, QoS-enabled network, giving significant savings without sacrificing service performance and quality.
  • Unrivalled support for IP Telephony
    With market leading IP telephony, Netitude knows the importance of ensuring the underlying network delivers a quality and reliable voice service. Not only have we built the IP telephony services but we also supply the underlying network, giving you an unrivaled end-to-end service.
  • National Network
    We use a Next Generation Network that is the product of millions of pounds of investment to provide the ideal platform for the applications and services core to your business.

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