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Five rules to make remote working work

How can you get the most from your team when they’re working remotely? Here’s a handy guide highlighting some nifty rules and advice for keeping your team in contact and on track while they work remotely.

These days, if your business doesn’t offer flexible work arrangements, you run the risk of unhappy staff and look less attractive to prospective employees. In fact, studies have also shown that when employees can work from home, they’re happier, boosting morale and retention rates. 

It all comes down to effective leadership and the right technology. Whether you’re managing a small team or running a huge corporation, the correct setup and approach will help your business reap the benefits of remote working and create an environment of freedom and trust. 

This guide aims to give you an understanding of how remote working works, some rules to follow and technology to promote productivity.

The guide will cover the following: 

  • Keeping the lines of communication open
  • Advice for leading remote teams
  • Technology solutions to consider