To gain a true understanding of your current IT systems can be a complex task. No matter if you have an internal IT team or outsource your IT support, understanding exactly what you have, what risks are present and your readiness to adopt the latest cloud technologies will be invaluable.

Understand your current position

If you are accountable for the IT in your organisation, you need to the complete picture to effectively manage your systems.

If you currently outsource your IT, is the current supplier doing a good job?

Perhaps you manage an internal IT team and would like independent verification of internal audits, or a forward plan to consolidate or migrate to cloud technology.

Are your systems and software aligned to industry best practice?

Are the cybersecurity safeguards in place and up to scratch? Is everything in place to reduce you security risk to a minimum?

Understand what great IT looks like, and reduce IT support issues

Long-standing issues can often turn in to something that your users and business just put up with.  Identifying the root cause of downtime or slow performance can be a huge productivity gain, and often a great boost to staff morale.

What's included in our baseline IT audit?

Our no-obligation and risk-free audit will cover the following areas of your IT systems:

  • Desktop - Witha compelte inventory carried out, we check you are using up to date desktop systems that are suitable for modern software and productivity
  • Cyber Security - We will carry out a complete Cyber Essentials audit of your internal IT systems, and if any of your infomration is available on the dark web
  • Infrastructure - We’ll look at the technology you have in place, if it's suitable for your business needs and if it's all configured correctly
  • Connectivity - Business today relies on fast and stable internet connectivity, we will understand your bandwidth requirements and if what you have in place is suitable
  • Cloud - Are you currently using cloud technology, is it configured securely and are there any other opportunities to adopt cloud technology

Our “baseline” audit offers great value for money and covers the basics detailed above. For businesses that require an in-depth report we also offer a Deep Dive IT Audit service.

Cyber Security
Our free audit covers all the basic security controls of the UK government designed and backed Cyber Essentials standard, but with added further controls we have learned through years of protecting businesses like yours.

Do we offer a free IT audit?

Many of our competitors offer a free IT audit service as a “foot in the door” to sell further services.

While a free IT audit might well look like an attractive offer, will it really deliver an impartial evaluation of your IT systems?

Client Network Administrator, Scott Sullivan, working at his computer

To carry out a true audit and deliver a report on the true picture takes a high level of skill and time.

We offer two levels of auditing service, our “baseline” audit offers great value for money and covers the basics detailed above, to give you a clear picture of your IT systems and cybersecurity position.

For businesses that require an in-depth report we also offer a Deep Dive IT Audit service.  Get in touch via the form to discuss your exact requirements.

Let’s talk about a clear picture, fill out the form below and we’ll get right back to you.

Step 1 – Gather Prerequisites

In order to carry out our small business IT audit it would be great if you can gather a few key bits of information:

About your business

  • Current challenges with technology
  • Staff head count and growth plans

About your technology

  • Network architecture (cloud, on-prem, hybrid)
  • Line of Business & accounting systems in use (ERP, CRM etc)
  • Compliance requirements (ISO, Cyber Essentials, PCI etc)

We will also need an “administrator” account – ask your current supplier or internal IT team to create a  temporary account for auditing purposes.

Step 2 – Discovery Meeting

A senior member of our team will meet with you to gain an understanding of your business, your requirements and current needs.

During this meeting we will aim to understand your business, culture, relevant history and growth plans to ensure we tailor our audit output to be as useful as possible.

If you have any history of the decisions made that led to your current IT set-up, any on-going issues and annoyances this can help us concentrate on finding a solution.

We’ll also confirm we have all the information required to move forward with the audit and health check.

Step 3 – Carry out Audit

Our experts will come to your site and carry out a  physical audit and inventory of your IT systems and  technology.

Our engineers our fully vendor trained with best practice knowledge from leading vendors such as Microsoft and WatchGuard.

We use the very latest tools and techniques to gather the information from your network, ensuring accuracy.

Step 4 – Findings Presentation

Our strategic team will review the audit data and then build up a detailed findings report and presentation.

Our presentation will cover the points highlighted above, and our recommended strategy to bring each area in line with best practice where required.

We will also report on how your systems are aligned with your future business plans, and where you may need to make investment.

This report is delivered by one of our Virtual IT Directors, so presents a great opportunity to meet your assigned “vITD” face to face, should we move forward into a support agreement.

Growth through technology