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An IT audit takes a high level of skill, time and investment in auditing software. We can help you:

Understand your current position

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, it’s important to identify if the systems your business uses are working at their most efficient and if they are effective in achieving your business objectives.

Overcome performance and IT issues

Highlight how you can improve your IT systems, and therefore your business productivity. If you find yourself losing precious time to slow network performance or frequent downtime, an IT audit can help figure out why this is happening.

Identifying the root cause of downtime or slow performance can be a huge productivity gain, and often a great boost to staff morale.

Cyber Security

Pinpoint weaknesses and gaps in your infrastructure and test to see if the cybersecurity safeguards in place are up to scratch.

Our audit covers all the basic security Cyber Essentials Badgecontrols of the UK government designed and backed Cyber Essentials standard, but with added controls we have learned through years of protecting businesses like yours.

Get the best out of your technology

Use an IT audit as a plan to ensure your systems are aligned with your future business plans.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our number 1 priority at Netitude is to offer over and above service to our customers. This means we stand by our products and services 100%, therefore, If you are not satisfied with the delivery of the audit we will refund you.

What we cover in your Audit

Our IT audits deliver a highly detailed report to build a true picture of your current position. During an audit, we cover:

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Backup Coverage
  • Recovery Time
  • Cyber Security
  • Email, Intranet & File Sharing
  • Internet Access
  • Telephony
  • Infrastructure
  • Cabling
  • Hardware, Age & Warranty
  • Software Standardisation
  • Password Policy
  • Remote Access
  • Firewall Security
  • Updates & Patch Status
  • Licensing
  • Line of Business Applications
  • Asset Register

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Why don’t we offer a free IT Audit? At Netitude, we believe in giving our all in everything we do for you.

To carry out an IT audit and deliver a report that builds a true picture of your position takes a high level of skill, time and investment in auditing software. Your business deserves care and attention to detail to gain the best results.

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