Peace of mind from a complete stack of managed security products and services.

Our managed security service delivers the protection your business needs, for a simple fixed monthly fee.

With the landscape of the cyber world is continually evolving, businesses are facing high levels of complex threats to their environments.

Cyber-attacks are happening at a far greater rate than ever before and the damage they pose is vast.

From insider threats to ransomware attacks to data breaches, the list never ends. As a result, many companies find themselves trying to navigate their way through murky waters without the right technology or expertise at their disposal.

Our managed security service removes the need to decipher the complexity of designing a layered security solution, addressing the key points required to secure your business.

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Cyber Security: Our Approach

Our enhanced security service compliments the security components of our Fully Managed IT service:

  • Prevention - A suite of managed security products & services to best mitigate risk and create use awareness
  • Detection - A managed and monitored breach detection process
  • Response - Fast response to any detected breach to minimise harm

Enhanced technology to best mitigate a cyber breach.

Our carefully selected technologies work together to educate your team, constantly asses cyber breach risk and further protect possible attack vectors.

Constant scanning of your infrastructure ensures vulnerabilities are detected and patched to minimise risk.

Cyber Essentials PLUS

Prevention Stack - Blue Team

  • On-premise and cloud infrastructure hardening
  • Additional quarterly manual security auditing
  • End user security awareness training
  • Advance email threat detection
  • Advanced anti-virus and application based threat detection
  • IDS enabled WatchGuard UTM management
  • Quarterly reporting on blocked threats
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Cyber Essential Plus Readiness Guarantee

Detection Stack - Red Team

  • Enhanced quarterly cyber security auditing
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Darkweb ID monitoring
  • 24/7 365 intrusion detection monitoring
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Log file behaviour analysis

Rapid detection of breach and attack

Sadly, even with the best prevention technologies in place we still have to prepare for a possible breach.

Intrusion can often go unnoticed, in fact, 56% of breached business failed to notice or detect the beach for 24 months – potentially allowing cybercriminals unfettered access over a long period, allowing them plenty of time to collect valuable data and further infiltrate your network.

Rapid remediation of any detected breach or vulnerability.

Our team of engineers will investigate and remediate any detected breach to minimise harm and data loss.

Advanced log file analysis and forensic assessment ensure all breached data is understood, and any required actions can be taken.

Response Stack - Response Team

  • Automated incident logging
  • Log file pattern analysis
  • Non-standard security patching
  • Breach response and remediation team
  • Regular security breach response exercises
  • Incident remediation reporting

This service is only available to our fully managed IT services customers.

While security and user experience is always a balance, we understand that security controls can often impede the efficiency of your workforce.  Poor implementation can encourage users to work around controls and become frustrated with technology.  Our focus is to implement these security controls in a silent or zero impact manner wherever possible, allowing your workforce to continue to operate unimpeded.

User training and guidance is key to successful implementation and adoption of secure working in any organisation.

While much cyber-aware businesses invest in a minefield of expensive tools, often just to get them through compliance, they are often misconfigured or don’t have the resource to do anything with the avalanche of risk information.  This does not represent good value for money.

Our service focusses on people and awareness. We carefully select and configure the toolsets so you don’t have to, then focus on delivering a better security service person to person.

If you feel it is time to invest in securing your business and enabling your team to work in a  cyber-aware manner please get in touch today, or speak to your account director.

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