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Professional young veterinarian is typing on a laptop with joy. He is sitting at desk neat a cat carrier box

How proactive IT problem solving can improve your practice profits

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How to prevent a data breach, and what to do if it happens to you

It shouldn't be news that data breaches are bad, but perhaps you don't know just how bad they actually are. It can be tricky to pin down the cost of a data breach; the term itself..

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IT resolutions for 2022

Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve seen a massive amount of change over the last nearly two years. And at the same time, there is an even greater focus on Cyber Security. So as we wave..

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How outsourced IT can save your business money

It’s that time of year where budgets are being finalised, and business leaders wonder how to save their company money.

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How to perform a cyber security audit at your business

Whatever your background is in business or computing, most people can name some of the potential IT security risks that you face in your work.

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Managed IT myths, busted

Having spent 20 years building an IT solutions company, I’ve encountered many barriers that lead managers to dismiss managed IT.

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Why your business needs an IT strategy

Many businesses lack a solid, effective IT strategy. And without realising it, actually hindering their growth because of it.

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How to tell if your cybersecurity is at risk

Cybercriminals are constantly developing new tactics, which means that protecting your company isn’t as straightforward as installing a firewall and putting virus protection on..

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How Digital Transformation can serve Manufacturing

The digital landscape is continually changing for manufacturers. We see this change generated by rapidly shifting consumer expectations, connected devices and technology..

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Bad IT habits to break


Having your day interrupted by IT issues is annoying. It impacts your productivity, which means potentially your clients as well. IT is never going to be foolproof, but there are..

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