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How can a Cyber Security Audit help your business?

A Cybersecurity audit is designed to be a complete review and analysis of your business’s IT systems.

We can pinpoint weaknesses and gaps in your infrastructure and test to see if the cybersecurity safeguards in place are up to scratch.

Our audit covers all the basic security Cyber Essentials Badgecontrols of the UK government designed and backed Cyber Essentials standard, but with added controls that we have learned through years of protecting businesses like yours.

Who is it designed for?

Cybersecurity audits are a valuable tool for organisations that have not yet documented their internal and external risks and vulnerabilities. It is also useful for expanding businesses that are implementing various software and security controls.

Regulations such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) can impose hefty penalties in the event of a breach that results in exploited data. The security audit will help mitigate the consequences of a breach and demonstrate your organisation has taken the necessary steps to protect the client’s data.

What we cover in your Security Audit

  • Router/Firewall review: Your firewall, or UTM, is the gatekeeper of your company network. We review the technology and configuration to ensure it’s both fit for purpose, and protecting your company data and communication effectively.
  • Antivirus/endpoint security review: Endpoint protection is a must, our review ensures it is doing its job of protecting your users by ensuring its managed effectively and updated regularly.
  • User account security: Hijacking of user account credentials is the 1st step of 90% of cyber attacks. We will review if you have centrally managed and enabled user account polices, and assess other protection technologies like multifactor authentication.
  • Remote access review: VPNs and RDP sessions open a hole through your security layers. We will review the strengths of the technology used, and who has access to what.
  • Wi-Fi security review: As one of the weakest areas in secure communications, we will review the security configuration, purpose and level of access of each Wi-Fi network.
  • Endpoint and server patching review: Security vulnerabilities in applications and operating systems are always increasing, the only way to stay ahead is by regularly patching your machines. We will review effectiveness of patching schedules and systems in use.
  • Email and collaboration tools security: Personally identifiable information and intellectual property should be secured from unsolicited access. We review your email and cloud productivity tools setup to ensure access is restricted effectively, and external communication is secured from man in the middle, or spoofing attacks.
  • Cloud application security: Cloud based line of business applications can provide a way into communication channels with stakeholders and access to company data, access to them should be managed and restricted. Our review will give an overview of current state and options available to improve access security to these systems.

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