Structured Cabling

If you find yourself spending a lot of time sorting a disorganised and tangled cabling structure, you could probably benefit from structured cabling services.

Having a more organised cabling infrastructure should result in:

  • Long term operational costs savings
  • Scalability
  • Greater business continuity
  • Resilience across your organisation

Our design and installation process implement and supports high performance structured cabling systems to suit your requirements. Installation engineers ensure you have the bandwidth and flexibility to grow with your business needs.

As a data transmission system, structured cabling supports data, video, multiple voices, and various management systems such as security access and energy system.

With years of experience installing across a variety of environments, we are recognised innovators within structured cabling installation.

organised cables in cab serever

We offer a free site survey & analysis to fully understand your requirements and how best to deliver in your environment.

We understand that in order to meet your customer’s needs, you must be able to keep up with their demands or changes in the market. We recognise that the availability of your data network and communications is key to your success.

Our structured cabling solutions will provide the flexibility you require. We incorporate a strong design to ensure your time is not wasted on trying to identify faults.

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Structured Cabling Service Process

  • Site Survey Our highly experienced engineers can assess your current infrastructure and determine its competence. This information paired with a discussion about your plans for IT and communications, will allow us to develop a personalised strategy for your business. Our goal is to protect as much of existing investment as possible, without your infrastructure compromising your future business plans.
  • System Design In order to create a solution design that will incorporate all your business needs, we first work with you to develop a clear and detailed understanding of your requirements. This design will be standards compliant, allowing you to embrace technologies as your needs change.
  • Installation The solution design is installed under our strict Quality/Health & Safety procedures ensuring a quality, standards compliant project delivered safely, on time and to budget.
  • Certification Our systems can be tested and certified to ISO/IEC 11801 standards.

Structured Cabling Benefits

In comparison to traditional point to point cabling, structured cabling is a lot more organised, resulting in many benefits, including:

  • Efficiency - Sorting poorly organised and tangled wires is a slow and tedious process. Structured cabling installation standards ensure all wiring is installed in a way that prevents time consuming messy tangles, by keeping the whole wiring infrastructure organised. This means less room for human error, resulting in fewer downtime's.
  • Redundancy - If one cable is compromised, the easily implemented redundant wiring can keep communications going while repairs are made.
  • Future proofing - With the ever-evolving advances in telecommunications technology, it is important to have a system that can adapt. Structured cabling solutions enable just that, making updates easy to implement with minimal risk to the infrastructure. When it comes to preparing for the future, whether that involves updating or designing a new data center, this makes structured cabling a good investment.
  • Flexibility - It all comes down to flexibility. Changes to the infrastructure, including moves and additions can be implemented quickly without disorganised wires getting in the way. Which again, decreases the odds of human error during maintenance.

Why Structured Cabling over Point to Point Cabling?

Network Cabling requires a fair amount of strategic planning and implementing. This means that Structured Cabling is always recommended over Point to Point Cabling.

Structured Cabling is a planned cabling system that systematically set your fundamental communication mediums. This includes video, multimedia, voice, data security and control for the present and the future.

Point to Point cabling is a far more basic system that connects one point of communication to another. This is an ideal solution for a small set up or a fewer number of connections. However, companies with large numbers of users should only opt for Structured Cabling.

With Structured Cabling, you can easily make changes to your system, this allows maximum performance, availability and also redundancy.

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