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Microsoft Power BI Training

Learn how to turn your business data into an opportunity

Unlock your Data with Power BI

Power BI allows millions of users worldwide to get a better understanding of their business by using a format and language most people are comfortable with. If you've used products from the Microsoft Office suite before, then you'll find the switch to Power BI far more straightforward than traditional reporting software.

Whether you keep your data in Excel spreadsheets or a collection of data warehouses, Power BI lets you easily connect to your data sources. You'll be able to visualise your data, discover what's important, and share your reports with anyone.

Make yourself indispensable with Netitude's hands-on Power BI training. Through interactive exercises, you'll learn how to use this familiar Microsoft app to quickly drill into your data and create rich, interactive reports. From creating your first graph to trying the latest advanced technique's, our courses make it easy to learn about Power BI.


Subject areas

Subject areas

Our courses can be carried out at your workplace if you would prefer. Enquire here for more details

Benefits of Power BI

  • Data Analysis - Power BI can collect your company data, whether it's located in the cloud or locally, and provides quick and easy access to this data. Get a live 360 ° view of your business, enabling you to search and explore your data quickly and easily.
  • Interactive reporting - Even when you're on the go you can see all your data on one screen with the Power BI Mobile app, which automatically updates changes in data.
  • Financial overview - See all your financial data in a single view.
  • User-friendly mobility - With the intuitive tools you can explore the underlying data, which makes it easy to find exactly the answers you need.
  • Data Visualisation - With Power BI you can be both creative and productive. Combine data from various databases, files and web services with the visual tools in Power BI and gain unique insight into your data.

Excel vs Power BI, which is best for reporting?

In today's business world, having tools that allow us to quickly and intuitively analyse data and transform databases into understandable information is crucial to success. More and more companies realise the importance of data analysis and its relationship to improving performance and increasing profits. That is why choosing the right tools is so important. Excel and Power BI are two of the most popular data analysis applications globally, but which one is better?

Watch our webinar to find out what we think!


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