Remote IT Support Services

Support for Your Business Regardless of Location

Whether your business is cloud-based or looking to move, our Remote IT support services can help you. We specialise in remote access and problems with remote connections, ensuring your team can work efficiently from anywhere in the UK.

Our managed service offers comprehensive support, including handling troubleshooting issues and providing round-the-clock remote support software in real-time. This allows us to resolve problems remotely, reducing the need for site visits. For more complex issues, our team is available for day-to-day email support and real-time assistance.

We also handle file transfer needs and support for mobile devices, making it easier for remote workers to stay connected and productive.

Trust us to be your go-to for secure, efficient, and reliable remote IT support.

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Support that works
for you

  • In-house fast and friendly team of skilled and qualified engineers.
  • Unlimited remote technical support.
  • Direct access via phone, email, secure portal & chat app.
  • 3rd party vendor liaison.
  • Microsoft certified engineers.

Benefits of Remote IT Support Services

Get a clear picture of your current systems.

Knowing if your business systems work effectively is essential whether you’re a small business or a large corporation. Our best practice audits allow us to understand your current position, challenges and goals.


Driving continuous improvement and preventing risk

Downtime costs your business money and loses you valuable customers.

When it comes to technology, a proactive pathway is best. With our remote IT support services, we monitor your network to ensure that your technologies are maintained to Netitude health standards and reduce vulnerabilities.

Mapping out your goals

Technology rapidly evolves and demands constant attention.

We carefully assess your current position against your business goals before building you an IT strategy. With this strategy, you can make decisions to facilitate your broader business goals confidently.

Our quarterly strategic reviews of your ‘roadmap’ will ensure a stable and predictable IT service, from budgeting to system uptime.


Delivering service excellence

When you have an IT issue, you want it fixed quickly and know you won’t run into the same problem again. Unfortunately, while it sounds like a simple task, this level of service can be hard to come by.

With our remote IT support services, our skilled and friendly support experts are on hand to get you back on track. In fact, they resolve over 60% of issues on the same day.

To help resolve those pesky IT issues that keep coming back, our Technical Alignment Team uses ticket trend analysis and end-user training to get to the root of the problem and fix it once and for all.

Is your IT strategy compliant? Guide cover

Is your IT strategy compliant?

As data breaches become increasingly common, maintaining the security and privacy of customers is a major concern for businesses. For IT security, compliance means ensuring that your organisation meets the data privacy and security standards that apply to your specific industry.

Download our guide to learn more about compliance.


Guaranteed Cyber Essentials pass

Cyber Essentials is a foundation-level certification designed to provide a statement of basic security controls your organisation should have in place. These controls protect against 80% of common cyber-attacks.

As a managed customer, we’ll guarantee you’ll pass the Cyber Essentials certification. So, you can rest assured that your sensitive information will be better protected.

Discover our client success stories

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"Netitude understand our business and the way we embrace cloud technologies, this has enabled us to make best use of our time and avoid costly investments in traditional IT."

Rod Taylor
Director | Cox and Cox

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Book an IT audit today

Get a clear picture of your current IT systems and cybersecurity position with an IT audit. Then we’ll develop a strategy to drive your business forward.

Unless you’re starting from scratch, an audit is the first step to building a successful relationship with your chosen remote IT support services provider. Let’s get started!

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