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Cyber-attacks are becoming far more common and pose a risk of serious damage to your computer systems and business. The hackers and bots never stop testing your information security to gain access.

From insider threats, social engineering, malicious software and ransomware attacks to data breaches, the list never ends.

As a result, many companies find themselves trying to navigate their way through murky waters without the right knowledge or technology. Risking the exposure of their personal information and sensitive data.

We use a layered security solution, threat intelligence and security measures tailored to your business.

Using risk management, our analysts can reduce the likelihood of anyone gaining unauthorized access to your sensitive information.

We don’t just keep your computer network safe we have a strong focus on staff education and awareness. After all, your staff are on the frontline of defence against security threats.

How can we help you?

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True network security needs a multi-layered approach

With a full security audit of your systems, we will help you evaluate the cybersecurity threats, ensure you have the highest security in place in your areas of greatest risk and create a plan to manage compliance.

To ensure strong cybersecurity, it is crucial that a business complies with industry standards and policies. Netitude will assist your company in putting the right security measures in place to comply with the rules and regulations of the digital landscape. For example:

  • Staff training on identifying and protecting themselves against damaging phishing attacks
  • Email SPAM and virus filtering to remove dangerous emails
  • Anti-malware, anti-ransomware and anti-virus software installed and updated on a regular basis
  • Darkweb stolen credential checking and reporting
  • Total network scans and penetration tests
  • Quarterly cyber security audits
  • DNS and IP layer traffic filtering
  • Unified threat management gateway appliance
  • Help devise an IT Security Policy that works for your company and the current data protection legislation


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Infographic for multi-layered security approach: first layer " data, application, host, internal network and perimeter" second layer: "physical security" third layer " policies, procedures & security awareness"


Go one step future with Netitude’s Managed Security Service. A service that ticks all the boxes and offers the best possible protection for your business.

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