Protect your business from cyber threats with a layered cybersecurity approach.

Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more common, posing major damage to your computer systems. From insider threats to ransomware attacks to data breaches, the list never ends. As a result, many companies find themselves trying to navigate their way through murky waters without the right knowledge or equipment at their disposal.

True network security needs a multi-layered approach. Covering not only computer network solutions but also staff education and awareness.

We are passionate about cyber security and start with a full security audit. This allows our analysts to assess your current level of security risk for experiencing a successful cyber-attack. Using risk management, our analysts can reduce the likelihood of a cyber-criminal gaining unauthorised access to sensitive data. Our analysts will recommend a layered security solution, data backup and disaster recovery service tailored to your business.

Our managed cybersecurity service ticks all the boxes. Offering the best possible protection for your business.

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Need numbers? Here are some facts about cyber-attacks today.

Over a 12-month period, The 2018 Cyber Security Breaches Survey found that a massive 43% of UK businesses had reported security breaches across their operating systems.

  • In the past 12 months, more than 4 out of 10 UK businesses suffered a cyber-attack.
  • This rises to 72% for large scale UK businesses suffering a breach or attack. With an average financial cost of £9,260 for each.
  • Large firms identified an average of 12 attacks per year, and 6 attacks on average for medium-sized businesses.
  • 2 in 5 small businesses reported at least one information security breach that impacted their profits or reduced client confidence.
  • The most common attack was fake emails to staff trying to gain access to passwords and sensitive information.
  • Followed by cyber criminals using social engineering to impersonate businesses. Allowing them to trick customers.
  • As well as malware, ransomware and viruses being infected onto computer systems.

To help cut down on security threats, the government are bringing in new security measures. This encourages businesses to be active in reducing their chances of falling victim to cyber-crime with the Cyber Essentials Certification scheme. Netitude is an approved partner of the Cyber Essentials scheme which has five main security measures that prevent 80% of cyber-attacks.

Data breaches cost you time and money.

Cyber-attacks cost more than productivity, they cost you money too. You may have to pay ransoms to cybercriminals to retrieve your data or fines to the government for weak data protection.

New data protection regulations (GDPR) took effect in 2018. Meaning businesses have a more important role to play in protecting customer data. Hefty fines of up to 4% of annual turnover can be charged if your company is found to have poor protection in place.

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