The vision of 100% secure resilient business computing environment without in-house technology has long been the dream of computing gurus

Already businesses like yours trust the internet for e-mails, exchange of documents and data backup, as well as shopping, e-commerce and banking access.

Internet-based giants such as Google and Amazon now provide online data and document handling services. Familiar business IT providers are beginning to make their technologies available online as a low-cost monthly service, rather than requiring the upfront purchase and installation on your premises.

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Netitude Team; Scott, Chris and Shim

Cloud Services have been part of Netitude’s offerings to its customers for nearly a decade

We also offer additional options for private cloud hosting with dedicated capacity in completely separate and highly secured UK based data centres.

Netitude is a long-established and preferred partner with many of the world’s leading cloud solution companies, including Microsoft & Google as well as the new generation of IaaS providers like RISE.

We work closely with all of these companies and are constantly reviewing many more, to appraise both the suitability and security of their Cloud infrastructure and software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.

Cloud can make business computing far cheaper and more flexible for our customers, and also reduce barriers of scale and investment between smaller and very large companies.

The greatest benefits will be achieved by those businesses with a clear understanding of their key business processes and Cloud migration strategy.

We can address both your immediate Cloud needs and work with you to identify the critical business processes and strategy which will help you to navigate to the biggest business advantages, in a resilient and secure manner.

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