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Cyclops Blink

Daniel Strain Feb 28, 2022 12:52:04 PM
Cyclops Blink


As your trusted IT partner, we always keep several ears to the ground for updates relating to cyber threats. While it's important to stay informed in general, we focus heavily on anything relating to technology we use to keep your systems protected.

 A recent attack known as "Cyclops Blink", which is linked to Russian-backed hacker group Sandworm, has been featured in the news. This malware infected a small number of perimeter firewalls, specifically of the kind Netitude use.

 Do not worry; however, the devices Netitude manage were never vulnerable to this attack vector, and your business could not have suffered as a result of "Cyclops Blink."

 While distressing a next-generation security appliance has fallen victim to bad actors with malicious intent, it highlights the importance of correctly configured devices and maintaining those configurations to the very latest and best practices. As Gold Partners of the particular device we employ, our technicians are required to go through advanced training before being released to configure firewalls.

 Netitude has meticulously curated an additional toolset of layered security solutions which will significantly improve your business's risk posture. Please get in touch with your virtual IT Director to find out more about what level of cover you currently enjoy and what additional measures we can offer.