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2018 Recycling Stats – Reducing our client’s carbon footprint

Adam Harling Dec 5, 2018 12:00:00 AM

In line with the WEEE directive, our own environmental targets for equipment recycling and carbon footprint reduction, we are proud to release our recycling statistics for 2018.

We take the environmental impact of IT very seriously and take this into consideration with the technology we install and provide.  Using technologies such as virtualisation and cloud we are often able to dramatically reduce our client’s carbon footprint while also saving cost in hardware and power consumption, which again improves our client’s environmental impact.

In 2018 we saved 446 Kilos of Carbon Emissions through recycling!

When we replace any technology on customer sites, we always collect any equipment replaced and process this with our recycling partner – Blackmore Ricotech.

We also have to take care that all data is secure and deleted in an appropriate manner, the Blackmore Ricotech certified “zero bytes write” disk wiping procedure ensures our client’s data never falls into the wrong hands.

We are proud to announce our grand total for 2018 – 2,245 kilos of IT WEEE recycled or upcycled!

If you are concerned about the environmental impact of your IT, how your technology approach can impact your carbon footprint or how your data is secured when recycled, please do get in touch