Our proprietary framework considers your technology strategy holistically, so the implementation is viable, sustainable, measurable and delivers cumulative gains across your business.

3 technology pillars x 3 key business factors = Gains3

We created the Net9 framework to deliver reliable, secure IT operations while opening up every opportunity to take advantage of the digital transformation revolution.

Our framework audit provides full visibility of 9 key IT delivery areas and a clear roadmap to technology alignment, cyber security compliance, dramatically reduced IT issues, and peace of mind your IT is in the right place.

Most Small and medium-sized businesses are missing their chance to capitalise on their technology investment. Why?

Because they don't have a technology strategy in place. The perception is that getting that strategic expertise to align tech with organisational goals will be beyond affordability.

That's where net9 steps in .

It's not just about getting you through the transition; it's about guiding you through the entire journey, and at a fraction of the cost you'd expect.

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Enhanced Security


Strategic Guidance


Cost Effective



Proactive by Design

Life with Net9

Net9 Audit

Our process starts with an in-depth "drains up" audit of your entire technology estate. We cover all nine areas in depth and can tailor this inspection if you have any particular areas of concern.

We require administrative access to your systems for this process and physical access to your on-site infrastructure (should you have any).

All data collected, either manually or via our probe, is stored securely, and we operate under a strict NDA.


Net9 Report

Technology Strategy


Review Cycle

Horizon Scanning

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