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Adam Harling

Adam is the founder and Managing Director of Netitude. He focuses on finding ways to help others benefit and grow through the best use of technology.

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Managed IT myths, busted

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What client feedback means to us and how we use it

The old saying goes, there is no such thing as bad feedback, and it’s something that we at Netitude try to live by.

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Top 6 Cybersecurity Risks for Businesses in 2021

In the past few years, the level of business cyber-crime has risen dramatically and it’s no longer just big financial companies being targetted – small and medium-sized businesses..

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6 ways start-ups can cut IT costs

If you are starting a business, you may want to conserve your capital and these days there are many great solutions for IT that don’t require an arm and leg or the shirt off your..

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5 Reasons to Get Your Business in the Cloud

The popularity of cloud-based storage systems and the advantages offered through their services and applications allow companies to see increased profits by allowing businesses to..

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5 Reason to use Fully Managed IT services

Today, almost all businesses are IT-reliant and the proliferation of systems and software means keeping on top of the updates can be a full-time task. Ensuring that components..

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What does AI mean for business?

Many of us still associate Artificial Intelligence (AI) with science fiction dystopias rather than technology we use in our daily lives. In business, artificial intelligence has a..

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Which is better for your business, premise or cloud?

A major choice facing any business evaluating Line of Business or ERP software is what type of infrastructure model to adopt: on-premise or the cloud.

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IT Support Costs

Selecting the most cost-effective solution for your business IT needs isn’t always that easy, wherever you are in the UK. Here’s our quick rundown of the different ways of buying..

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Avoid Data Loss with Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

A business is built on data. Data is a key asset earned and garnered over time and the true worth of it can too often only be fully realised when it is lost through an accident or..

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