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Protect your computer with 4 free security tools

Adam Harling Mar 10, 2015 12:00:00 AM
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Want to know how good your AV software is, or need a quick way to generate robust hack-proof passwords? Here are four security tools that can help you.

You can never beat professional around the clock monitoring of your security by a Managed IT service like Netitude but there are some excellent free security tools available to download that can increase your protection against many of the prolific threats to your computer.

Many people are afraid to download security software simply because there are some nasty fake ones out there that are actually malware in disguise. Here’s a list of four helpful, authentic and free security tools that we recommend, so you can put some effective guards up to protect your computer and also find out if your current security safeguards are doing their job adequately.

4 Free Security Tools

Test Your AV Scanner

EICAR, which originally stood for European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research, is an organisation that creates preventative measures against malicious code like computer viruses or Trojan Horses.

AV test:

This is essentially a test file to see if your anti-virus measures are working. It’s not an actual virus but it will demonstrate if your AV software is working. Please read the important notice on the website, before downloading.

If your AV protection is poor seek advice on improving your firewall network security.

Shields Up!

There is a great free password generator here as well as lots of freely available advice in the form of audio podcasts. In addition, there is a firewall scan that is really worth the time, to find out how secure your computer is against attack.

Firewall scan:

Finding And Patching The Weak Spots

The Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) is a free security scanner that identifies vulnerabilities in non-Microsoft programs on your PC which leave your computer open to attacks from malicious software. When it identifies weak spots within any third-party software it can supply security updates for that software.

Software update check:

You Shall Not Pass!

The strength of your password is often critical for security and equally as often – not prioritised when you have the opportunity to use one. The amount of people that use Password 1 and 123456 is astounding and there is a real need to educate users about making life a lot harder for criminals who want to exploit your data assets. For ease, here is a great password generator.

Password generator:

For advice on more robust IT security measures for your entire business, please contact the expert team at Netitude – Tel: 0333 2412323.