If so it’s probably time you clean your act up!

The server cabinet should be considered the backbone & foundation of your network – make sure it’s set up correctly and kept neat and tidy!

A nice clean server cabinet brings a whole host of benefits some of which are list below:

  • Faster fault diagnoses – engineers can find the cable they need quickly and easily to resolve faults.
  • Faster equipment installation – which may save both time and money
  • “Loop backs” and cabling issues are far less likely, which means less down time, fewer network faults and faster network operation
  • Maximise the room available in your cabinet
  • Better network security as sockets are not connected to the network when not necessary
  • It will allow you to make best use of your network switches as you can be sure all sockets used are connected to equipment

See how it should be done below:

If you would like some help setting your server cabinet up correctly get in contact with Netitude straight away and we will be happy to oblige.



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Adam Harling Adam Harling

12 January 2017

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