Escalating an Issue

Logging your ticket

The SLA exists to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our clients and work on the most critical issues first. By default, all tickets are set to medium priority unless identified as business critical - impacting more than one person or team.

When we assess a ticket, we assign an engineer, a priority and a time we will start work, and you'll be notified of this by email. In the event we don't schedule the issue to be resolved in a suitable timeframe for your business needs, let us know! We want you and your business up and running as fast as possible, so notifying us when we haven't correctly categorised your case means we can get it worked on quicker. Plus, we know if there's a next time that this is critical to your business.

Example escalation

Ticket raised: "Printer isn't printing on A5" - Medium priority.

On an average day, Medium priority is suitable. However, you need to print tickets for an event tomorrow, which is critical to your business operations today. Therefore, you need your ticket to be escalated.

How to Escalate an Issue


First escalation

"The priority doesn't accurately reflect how urgent my issue is."

To escalate your issue, reply to the ticket and ask for it to be escalated but be sure to detail how it's affecting you. We'll then reevaluate and reassign your ticket to an appropriate priority.


Further escalation

"I've escalated my issue but my needs still aren't being met."

If you've escalated your ticket but still don't believe we've given your case the attention it needs, get in touch with the Service Desk Team Leader: Adam Turner,, 01373 547050. 


Reporting an issue

"I'm not happy with how my issue has been handled."

We want you to be happy with our service. So on the rare occasion that we don't hit the mark when dealing with your issue, please email This will raise your issue to the management team; they will be in touch within one hour to talk about the issue and find an agreeable solution.

"Netitude is 100% focused on putting our clients first, an SLA is a minimum, not a target"

Adam Harling

Adam Harling | Managing Director