We are all in the midst of a sea change with new technologies bringing about radical changes to all types of business, employment and our society as a whole.

With technologies like Al, Cloud, Mobile etc. the playing field has been levelled. While big organisation struggle to leave their legacy systems and practices, smaller business thrives in their flexibility!

What do we do?

We provide world-class methods, services and technologies to help you identify, choose and then implement the very best of the myriad digital business options.

A Roadmap to the Future

Beginning with your business goals, the journey to digital renovation begins with an objective assessment of how the business operates today and where you want it to be in the future. Before the journey starts, a tailor-made visual roadmap will identify opportunities for any immediate savings and highlight the main waypoints.

To ensure results are realised quickly, the roadmap determines the route that addresses your key priorities and in the right sequence. Whether your objective is to reduce costs, enhance customer experience, gain competitive advantage, automate routine processes, or other business imperatives.

The result is a strategic renovation plan that describes business, customer and technology goals as well as the route to get there.

This roadmap will include:

  • Goals
  • Business Models for current and future state
  • Route and Waypoints
  • Gaps and Barriers
  • Action items, Priorities and timelines

Becoming Radically Customer-Centric

An outside-in, customer-centric view is critical to the fight for relevance as well as creating the digital business model to seamlessly deliver it.

Our Roadmap consultants help your staff and managers to refocus from a “what can we sell?” mentality to thinking from the customer’s perspective, “what do our customers need?”. We help our clients understand how unrivalled customer value is created.

Mapping the Customer journey and experience provides invaluable insights into:

  • New Customer perspectives and possibilities
  • Opportunities to enhance and innovate the Customer experience
  • Remove points of friction and dissatisfaction
  • Expand your brand & business reach into untapped sectors and markets
  • Reduce customer interaction costs with AI and Customer self-service

Architecting the IT ‘Platform of Platforms’

Your renovated operational and customer models have to connect digitally and seamlessly with each other and with the outside world, including suppliers, intermediaries, partners, payment handlers and of course existing and new customers. It’s also vital that data is captured accurately throughout all areas so that predictive analytics can identify new opportunities and forecast changing customer needs.

However, in a rapidly changing data, technology and regulatory landscape it is vital not to get ‘locked in’ to a rigid and inflexible technology system that cannot evolve and adapt quickly as your business needs change.

Whilst the Cloud has removed many of the past barriers for storage, processing power and capital cost, it needs to form part of a much wider solution.

For example: in the past five years User-interface devices have expanded from keyboards to phones to tablets and now voice-activation.

To ensure the most advantageous combination of latest technologies, flexibility and value-for-money we adopt an ‘Architected’ approach to designing and implementing your digital business platforms.

By ‘Architected’ we mean separating systems functionality into a logical structure of platforms with individual components that not only work together but can be replaced with ‘plug and play’ replacements as and when needed.

Digital Transformation Architecture

Why choose Netitude for your Digital Business Renovation?

Since 2001 we have successfully managed the transition of our own and customers’ businesses through many major changes: from break-fix to help-desk, unlimited service contracts, website hosting, 24-hour monitoring, mobile devices, digital telephony and cloud storage.

The Netitude Roadmap team have pioneered visual customer and business mapping with government departments and leading businesses including Home Office, Tesco, Hiscox, Honda.

Netitude also brings together a powerful Digital Technology Architecture team spanning accredited technicians and world-class suppliers such as Microsoft, Amazon, VM and others, together with CIOs of over 40 years’ experience with global companies.

Our proven methods balance the need for near-term benefits while building capabilities that continue to evolve for the long-term. In parallel, we can support clients in managing the organisational changes needed to innovate and manage a digital business well.


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