Today’s smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices provide unprecedented flexibility.

With ever larger mobile storage capacity and ranges of applications, these new devices have quickly become serious business tools, containing invaluable data about customers and costs. But that also means loss, theft or unauthorised use can have very damaging consequences.

Netitude provides advanced mobile device management (MDM) services to monitor, secure and support mobile devices of all types.  These services can be deployed remotely to any device using any network operator. Control the data and configuration settings for all your mobile devices and block the downloading of unauthorised or inappropriate software,  this facility alone can drastically reduce network charges, unauthorised software costs and business risks.

Netitude MDM

  • Advanced MDM services
  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Support for all devices
  • Reduce business risk
  • Reduce network charges
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The objective of Netitude MDM is to optimise the use, functionality and security of your mobile business communications network while minimising risks, costs and downtime.

Under one straightforward agreement you  can include both company supplied devices and those owned by staff members (BYOD).

In accordance with your policies and guidelines, our MDM service can:

  • Remotely configure and update mobile device settings
  • Enforce data security policies and compliance
  • Manage access to company information from mobile devices
  • Block access to unauthorised or inappropriate applications
  • Monitor usage and manage performance levels
  • Track the location of lost or stolen devices
  • Wipe any stored data remotely if necessary

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