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David West

Hey there, I’m David! As a Technical Alignment Manager, my job is to understand our customers' IT and business processes to optimise their IT performance. Over the past ten years, I've honed my skills in identifying risks and opportunities with a keen eye for detail. It's been an invaluable asset in my work at Netitude, where we're passionate about helping our customers grow through technology. Seeing a network for the first time can be daunting, but I relish the challenge and use my expertise to ensure we deliver the best possible solutions. Outside of IT, you’ll find me sitting by a lake enjoying some peaceful time fishing with my faithful lurcher Maud by my side!

A male business consultant describes a marketing plan to set business strategies for women business owners with using calculator.

How to Avoid The Financial Impact of Data Breaches

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Latest Posts

April 2023 Cyber Essentials Update

In April 2023, the NCSC and its Cyber Essentials delivery partner IASME will update the technical requirements for Cyber Essentials. The updates will help ensure the scheme..

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Why Does Your Business Need a Cyber Security Consultant?

With the cybersecurity landscape constantly evolving, your business must be properly equipped to keep up with its rapid developments. Cyber-attacks now occur once every 39..

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Running regular security audits with Netitude

At Netitude, it’s my job to keep our clients aligned with the latest technology and security standards. In this blog, I explain how running regular security audits help protect..

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How to perform a cyber security audit at your business

Whatever your background is in business or computing, most people can name some of the potential IT security risks that you face in your work.

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How to tell if your cybersecurity is at risk

Cybercriminals are constantly developing new tactics, which means that protecting your company isn’t as straightforward as installing a firewall and putting virus protection on..

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How to navigate major tech changes in your business

Change is one of the trickiest things to navigate in business, and in our experience, changes to IT systems or infrastructure are up there with the hardest.

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How to Spot a Phishing email

Cybercriminals know that the weakest part of your cybersecurity is your employees. In fact, according to a study conducted in 2021, 84-88% of all data breaches are caused by an..

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Why does your business need Cyber Essentials?

With cyber security threats becoming ever more apparent, it is more important than ever before to ensure that you have the correct cyber security management in place. 32% of UK..

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Revitalise Your Systems: The Ultimate IT Audit Checklist

From productivity issues such as downtime to more serious consequences such as data loss, it’s safe to say that IT issues negatively affect every area of your business. So, how..

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