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Network Security – Cybercrime risks: Are you safe?

Adam Harling Nov 4, 2014 12:00:00 AM

How aware are you when it comes to cybercrime? Netitude can advise and help you to protect yourself and your business when operating online.

Don’t take it for granted that because you have not experienced, or noticed, a problem yet, that you are completely safe.

According to recent figures from the Cabinet Office, approximately half of British web users have been victims of cybercrime, and a significant number of them do not know how to report the crime. A recent survey commissioned to coincide with ‘Get Safe Online Week’, stated that 51% of people have been a victim of crime online, resulting in financial loss. These crimes include identity theft, malicious hacking or deliberate distribution of viruses.  Less than a third (32%) reported these crimes.

The study found that cyber crime victims did take steps to improve their internet behaviour afterwards – nearly half (45%) opted for stronger passwords and 42% became extra vigilant when shopping online. Over a third (37%) always logged out of accounts when they go offline and nearly a fifth (18%) have changed their security settings on their social media accounts.

Read the full article by ITPro here

Like to find out more about online security & how to stay safe?

Adam Harling, Managing Director, With more and more businesses turning to the cloud for many days to day applications, security is a big concern. Adam will cover the basics, from encryption tools, threats such as phishing scams and how to protect your data.

We look forward to meeting you there. If you are unable to attend the event but would be interested in receiving a copy of the presentation after it has been given, please request this via email –

Some more interesting statistics, further highlighting the fact that online security is a big issue:

* 91% increase in targeted attacks campaigns in 2013
* 62% increase in the number of breaches in 2013
* Over 552M identities were exposed via breaches in 2013
* 23 zero-day vulnerabilities discovered
* 38% of mobile users have experienced mobile cybercrime in the past 12 months
* Spam volume dropped to 66% of all email traffic
* 1 in 392 emails contain a phishing attack
* Web-based attacks are up 23%
* 1 in 8 legitimate websites have a critical vulnerability

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