IT Support for Financial Planners and Accountants

Modern-day accountancy is well supported by a range of industry standard software.

This software ensures that the correct procedures are followed in an industry that is regulated stringently to precise methodologies, which must be followed if penalties are to be avoided.

For instance, programs such as SAGE and Kashflow are software packages that ensure that you can manage your clients’ accounts effectively.

How we can help you

Netitude can assist with Cloud Accounting, Digital Archiving, Secure Backup and Document Management Systems, all in a secure way that is flexible to the growth of your company.

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Our Range Of Services

IT Backup and Recovery Services for Accountants

Accountants and Financial Planners need to be aware of the importance of Backup and Disaster Recovery should the worst case scenario occur.

We can advise on Secure Backup, Secure VPN, 2 Factor Authentication, SSL VPN and Secure Token to ensure your valuable data is safe and secure.

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