In the modern business landscape, where technology is the backbone of operations, the significance of robust IT support cannot be overstated. Yet, a staggering 27% of SMBs lack adequate IT support, grappling with disruptions that impede growth and success.

If your business resonates with this struggle, this blog is your guiding light towards understanding the pivotal solutions your IT support partner should deliver. Let's delve into the challenges your business might be facing and explore how fully managed IT support can be your beacon of transformation and success.




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The key to any successful business is ensuring services run effectively with minimal disruptions. Since a large proportion of businesses rely heavily on IT services, fully managed IT support is the key to achieving this success.

Yet, 27% of SMBs claim to not have the right IT support in place. This not only curbs opportunities for profit and success but creates additional problems that regularly hinder operations.

If this is the case for your business, this blog will help you understand the solutions your IT support partner should provide to ensure full management of your IT; transforming your business and enabling success. Let's get started by exploring some of the challenges your business might be facing.

IT Struggles

Is your team plagued by recurring IT issues? When you're already juggling so many core responsibilities, you just don't have time to dedicate to the ongoing management of IT problems.

This is why you need a strong and proficient service desk providing unlimited on-site and remote technical support. At Netitude, our IT team of expert engineers work with industry-leading tools and technology to deliver the best service in the market. Accessed via phone, email or customer portal, our service desk engineers resolve more than 60% of issues within 2 hours, and 77% on the same day – now that’s a fully managed IT service!

Truly Proactive Service

Being truly pro-active means having people and processes in place to regularly audit, document and maintain your network to keep it in tip-top condition. Our Technical Alignment Team conduct a full audit of your systems every quarter, including our own best practice framework checks and a full cyber essentials (or cyber essentials PLUS) audit to ensure your IT is maintained and nothing is forgotten. They’ll also conduct root cause analysis on all tickets raised over the quarter, so we can eliminate recurring issues.

IT Strategy

Do you have an existing IT strategy? Do you know how to utilise your technology effectively to achieve your business aspirations? Without the advice of experts, it can be challenging to know how to make the most out of your IT investment.

At Netitude, our Virtual IT Director (vITD) will implement strategic guidance and design a forward-thinking IT roadmap to ensure your business achieves its goals. As your key point of contact, our vITD will seamlessly manage your account and be on hand for any strategic advice you need.

Partnering with a trusted MSP like Netitude to manage and support your IT systems can save you money. In fact, 71% of businesses in the UK claim cost reduction to be the main reason for outsourcing.

Regulating your business’ finances is also paramount, as only 50% of SMBs survive past their first 5 years. Therefore, it’s essential that you keep track of your IT investments and how you are allocating your budget. So, what’s the best way to manage your finances? Our quarterly business review will help you build a rolling annual IT budget, removing any financial surprises and keeping IT costs fully visible.

Security Threats

Often, SMBs don’t have the budget for the ever-growing technological developments of the IT space. Finding the balance between overspending on security yet ensuring your business remains protected isn’t easy. And if this balance isn’t met, it can lead to devastating consequences such as security threats or cyber breaches – in fact, approximately 42% of all SMBs experience cyber breaches. As prime targets for cybercrime, it’s not a matter of if you’ll get breached, it’s when.

A security-conscious managed IT service provider will provide pro-active monitoring to minimise threats and prevent attacks. For example, Netitude’s managed service packages includes a 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) and the latest EDR anti-virus software platform.

Combined with state-of-the-art remote monitoring and management (RMM) we safeguard your business. We’ll also conduct regular phishing campaigns to provide targeted cyber awareness training for your users – this is vital as human error equates to approximately 95% of cybersecurity breaches.

Additionally, our Technical Alignment Managers (TAM) enable greater network management through infrastructure and vendor documentation. With a dedicated Technical Alignment Engineer assigned to your account you’ll receive full management of your entire network; all technologies are maintained to our health standards and any vulnerabilities are reduced. Together, these ensure robust protection and full security of your data and network.

In 2021, 61% of SMBs experiences a cyberattack. Of those targeted, 60% went out of business within the six months that followed. This is why security is paramount.


Your Next Step with Netitude

Partnering with an IT support partner who provides these solutions, such as Netitude, ensures your IT is fully managed. Without these fundamental requirements, your IT simply isn’t fully managed, and your business can’t maximise growth. Delivering a pro-active approach to your IT infrastructure management means your team is no longer bogged down by daily administrative and time-consuming tasks. You can focus time and energy into what really matters: your business. If you’d like to talk to one our experts to find out more, book a meeting, today.


Partnering with an IT support provider like Netitude, offering comprehensive solutions, ensures your IT infrastructure is not just managed but optimised for success. By addressing fundamental requirements like proactive maintenance, strategic guidance, and robust security measures, Netitude empowers your business to thrive without the burden of daily IT challenges. It's time to redirect your focus towards what truly matters – your business. Schedule a meeting with one of our experts today and embark on a journey towards seamless IT management and unparalleled growth.


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