What’s the real cost of remote IT support for your business?

Daniel Strain 04-May-2020 00:00:00
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With most of the UK population currently working from home and therefore depending heavily on technology, remote or home IT support is likely to have become a pretty important consideration to your business.

If you’re currently contemplating whether outsourcing your IT support is the right move for your business, one thing you’ll probably be thinking about its cost.

So, how much does remote IT support cost?

Well, there are a number of factors that will influence how much your remote IT support costs. Pricing will vary from business to business depending on things like your specific technology needs, any unique business requirements you might have, and how tech-savvy your team is.

This probably wasn’t the hard and fast answer that you were looking for, but remote IT support isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ service.

We typically charge our IT support services based on the following price points.

Units Price per unit
Users £30.00
Mobile Users £3.00
Workstations £5.00
Saas platform (Microsoft 365, Office 365, email, etc.) £99.00
VM Standard (e.g. windows server) £79.00
VM Advanced (e.g. windows RDP server, exchange server) £94.00
VM Host (hardware host) £29.00
Network Devices – supplementary (first 10 inclusive)  £12.00
Audited Sites (as necessary) £150.00
Additional Site Visits per Quarter (as necessary) £672.00

To understand the costs, let’s dive deeper into how you can reap the rewards from remote IT support tools while working from home, whether you’re a small or large business, and what the costs to you and your company will involve.

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Why do I need remote IT support?

This may be something that you’re currently asking yourself, particularly in the current climate. With a large part of the workforce working from home, an IT system that you can actually rely on has never become more important! Not only is it necessary for day-to-day business activities, as well as clear and undisruptive communication within the team, but you also have several other factors to consider:

  • Are you relying more heavily on video conferencing software and tools than before? (Are zoom calls becoming the bread and butter of your business?)
  • Are you concerned about your cybersecurity and data integrity while your employees are working from home?
  • Have you provided enough training for your employees to understand and best use new software and tools? (Don’t overestimate your employee's IT abilities!)
  • Have your team got all of the tools that they need to be most productive and efficient while working from home?

If you’re worried about any of the above whilst also trying to keep your business running as smoothly as operationally possible, you might be feeling a little under pressure.

Having an outsourced managed IT support service can take this worry away, reducing the risks of business disruptions (how many painful zoom calls have you had to sit through where the person you’re to freezes every second sentence?)

Not only are remote IT services cheaper than onsite support, but most services also provide unlimited support and training, around the clock, to your staff as and when technical queries and issues arise.

Want to know more about remote working best practices? Download our Remote Working Policy Guide to advise you on how to best implement remote working for your employees!

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IT Support with Netitude

Now that you know remote IT support is an effective and profitable service for your company, you’ll want to know what exactly it entails. At Netitude, as remote IT support specialists, our Remote IT model is built around the Microsoft 365 suite of products as a single unified platform.

We think Microsoft 365 is the best remote IT software because it covers all bases, including web and desk productivity apps such as Word, Excel and Outlook; Sharepoint and OneDrive for file storage and sharing; Teams as a communication platform; and Azure AD for security and compliance.

Netitude’s remote IT support services aren’t just about moving your business over to the cloud, it provides all of the support that you need in this journey, like:

  • Unlimited IT Support
  • Telephone availability in and outside of business hours – from 7 am - 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday.
  • A Chat App which will give you direct access to engineers
  • Video training resources and exam system for Office 365
  • Best practice management of your Microsoft 365
  • Security Management, keeping compliant with the Microsoft security analysis tools
  • Quarterly Remote Technology Audit, reviewing your technology to keep on top of documentation and changes.
  • Quarterly Strategy Planning Meeting to discuss your business progress, plans and budgets.
  • Backup management & trial restore, augmenting your cloud file systems with a cloud-to-cloud backup platform and check it all daily.
  • National Coverage for all of your remote working locations.

Want to find out more about outsourcing your IT support? Remote IT support specialists at Netitude can give you further advice and guidance and put a quote together for your business.

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