Having proved itself as a flexible, scalable and effective model, hybrid working is now here to stay. 78% of employees stated that hybrid working brought them a better work-life balance, while 58% reported that hybrid working improved their productivity. However, despite its many advantages, hybrid working also brings a host of technical challenges. When employees are working from physically separate locations, communication can be compromised, security issues can arise, and, if not managed correctly, IT challenges can cause major roadblocks.

So, what can be done? Is it possible to have the best of both worlds: a flexible, hybrid workforce and seamless IT? With the right strategies and solutions, the answer is yes, of course. Working with an outsourced IT provider who can deliver remote IT support services will help to keep your hybrid workforce in touch, on track and, ultimately, on top. When your workforce is (at least partially) remote, it makes sense to utilise remote IT support services too.





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How Can Remote IT Support Services Benefit Your Hybrid Workforce?

Gain Visibility into your IT Infrastructure

Your team rely on IT to keep them connected, even when they are apart. As a result, it’s essential that you have a strong IT infrastructure to support your hybrid workforce. A reliable remote IT support provider, like Netitude, can help you to assess your systems and gain a clearer understanding of your situation through best practice audits. This will give you full visibility into your current position and any potential challenges, allowing you to set goals to make your IT infrastructure as strong as possible.

Proactively Mitigate Cyber Risks

When employees are connecting via different networks, from different locations and personal devices, they can be targeted by cyber threats more easily. This can lead to downtime, which costs your business time, money and even valuable customers. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that a robust security strategy supports your hybrid working structure. At Netitude, as part of our remote IT support services, we proactively monitor your network to mitigate vulnerabilities and ensure that your technologies are always maintained to our health standards.

Receive Efficient Support

When your hybrid team face an IT issue, you can’t afford to wait around for it to be fixed. That’s why remote IT support services are ideal. Our specialist team can manage most issues without coming onsite, making the whole process more efficient. At Netitude, our remote support team are able to resolve over 60% of issues on the same day. Plus, our Technical Alignment team will use ticket trend analysis and end-user training to get to the root of your problems, ensuring that you won’t run into the same issue again.

Create Ongoing IT Strategy

As your hybrid workforce is reliant on your IT, it’s essential that you are always working to optimise and enhance it. This requires a carefully planned IT strategy. The best remote IT support providers will offer a Virtual IT Director, who will help you to align your technology usage with your overall business goals through an IT roadmap. At Netitude, we even hold quarterly strategic reviews to ensure that you are on track across all areas of your business technology, from budgeting to system uptime.





Transform Your Hybrid Workforce with Netitude

Are you ready to empower your hybrid workforce? Remote IT support services from Netitude will help you use your business technology to its full potential and get the most out of your team, wherever they may be working.

Get in touch today to learn more about the benefits we can bring to your hybrid business.


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