Netitude’s first breakfast event!

Adam Harling 15-Feb-2017 00:00:00

We're hosting two business breakfasts in March, the first at Timbrell’s Yard, Bradford on Avon on Tuesday 14th March and then at Sam’s Kitchen Deli, Frome on the 15th March.

These breakfasts will feature expert speakers and interactive discussions to empower small to medium-sized businesses with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage technology effectively in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

About the event

Our aim is to provide local businesses with somewhere to go for informative and relevant content on the very latest advances in technology, without spending hours out of the office. We want to help businesses cut through the clutter that’s out there, and tell them what they need to know (and not what they don’t). We’ll also be selecting venues based on the quality of their coffee as much as we will for their location! - so we can all enjoy an excellent cup of joe! 

What exactly does AI mean for the small to medium sized business?

Your smartphone, your car, your bank, and your house all use artificial intelligence on a daily basis; sometimes it’s obvious what it’s doing, like when you ask your phone to get you directions, but sometimes it’s less obvious, like when you make an abnormal purchase on your credit card and you don’t get a fraud alert from your bank.

AI is everywhere, and it’s making a huge difference to our lives every day. Make sure you stay ahead of the curve – join us for one of our breakfast events to find out the impact that AI could have on your business: Watch this space for more events coming soon to Bath, Bristol and across the South West region.