Our Continuous Improvement Loop

Daniel Strain 01-Aug-2023 12:37:38
closeup of a survey questionnaire form and pencil

As a service company, our main objective is to ensure our clients are happy. While we've always captured client feedback throughout the year with ticket-based CSAT surveys, we need insights that drive deeper into all our service areas.

This blog outlines how Netitude monitors feedback from key sources to ensure a positive customer experience for clients of our managed support services.

Alongside an annual Customer Satisfaction survey, we’ve introduced regular Temperature checks to ensure even greater insights into our client’s relational experience and our Net Promoter Score (NPS) performance.

How is each survey used?

Ticket surveys

Event-based Tickets or CSAT surveys capture feedback on a single event or interaction with our Technical Services team. Issued on completion of support and project cases, users are asked to complete a short survey rating our service on an EXCELLENT, GOOD, JUST OK or POOR scale.

This allows us to gather customer feedback daily and in real-time and ensures we’re continually monitoring the quality of our service desk performance.

CSAT email example

Temperature checks

To ensure our performance and team are kept on target, we conduct Temp checks 2-3 times yearly to monitor performance satisfaction levels better and NPS to maintain the highest standards.

These are one-question surveys with the option to give feedback, e.g., “On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend to a friend or colleague?”.

Each response in the NPS scale allows it to be categorised into one of 3 groups:

  • Promoters: those with responses of 9 or 10
  • Passives: those with responses of 7 or 8
  • Detractors: all other responses (from 0–6)

We follow up with any detractors to better understand their thoughts and feelings towards our service and how we can do better in the future.

After gathering all the feedback, our department heads compile a list of action points and plans to address any issues. We then make this information available to our clients.

Temp Check email example

Annual customer survey

Our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey takes place every summer and gives our managed support clients a chance to assess our overall partnership, including service levels and performance.

After assessing our customer survey's overall feedback and scorings, the department heads identify the recurring themes and implement actions.

Customer Survey example

What do we do with the results?

Before the end of the year, we publish the key stats from our service teams and results from our surveys. This includes the “You said, we did” report, which highlights recurring themes, the actions we took to address them, and the resulting outcomes. We share this report with our clients and make it available on our website for public viewing.

Together, our Annual Survey, Temp checks, and CSAT feedback provide us with accurate data, which we use to support our ongoing feedback loop process to ensure the service we offer our clients continues to develop and improve based on their needs. You can view our latest Customer Service report here.