What are the Benefits of Co-Managed IT Support?

Daniel Strain 01-Nov-2022 10:47:52
Co-managed IT support

With the rise of the digital age, there's been an increase in businesses opting to enhance their operations by outsourcing their IT. Without the right IT support in place, businesses’ profit and success aren’t being maximised. This can result in regular issues that hinder operations and place increased strain on in-house IT teams.

Is this the case for your business? Are you struggling to grapple with the heavy demand placed on your internal IT team? Co-managed IT support provides flexible support that’s tailored to your specific business needs and could be the solution you require. This blog explains co-managed IT support in more detail and the benefits it can offer your business.

Do you require full management of your IT infrastructure? Check out our blog, ‘How Does Fully Managed IT Support Benefit Your Business?’, to find out how Netitude can also help with fully managed IT support.

What is co-managed IT support?

Co-managed IT support is when your in-house IT team works in partnership with an MSP to support your IT infrastructure. Pairing the latest resources and expertise of an MSP with your own IT team fills knowledge gaps, keeps your business safe and secure and provides you with extra support. A trusted MSP should offer flexibility their IT support . They'll work with you to identify the area's your internal need help with and fill any gaps that might not currently be covered, such as proactive monitoring of your entire IT estate. Think of co-managed as an à la carte service designed to increase business efficiency and success!

What are the benefits of co-managed IT support?

Co-managed IT support helps to assist your in-house IT team. No longer will they be weighed down by the burden of day-to-day support and service requests. Instead, they’ll be free to focus on IT projects that actively drive business success. To help you understand why you might want to utilise co-managed IT support, we’ve outlined some of the significant benefits:


For any business to succeed, client satisfaction is paramount; and a client-centric approach is the way to ensure this. As each business’ requirements are different, it is vital your partnered MSP works in conjunction with your dedicated internal IT team to build a complete picture and understand where help should be focused the most – the best co-managed IT support should let you choose how best to implement the support given, working with you hand-in to enhance your business.

Co-managed IT support from Netitude is flexible and tailored to your requirements. Our Technical Alignment Engineers conduct an IT audit to better understand your current IT systems and cyber security position.

We offer strategic advice and guidance to ensure the support you receive is targeted to where you need it most. For example, our dedicated Virtual IT Director’s can use your audit to develop a forward-thinking IT strategy that aligns technology with business needs and conduct quarterly on-site or remote business and strategy review meetings. As your main point of contact, you’ll have access to your Virtual IT Director via the phone for strategic advice whenever you need it. We go above and beyond to adapt our support to your specific business needs, guaranteeing you’re equipped with the right resources and knowledge to make informed decisions about your IT Director.

Transparent network

Another benefit of co-managed IT support is increased network transparency. When your IT team is overstretched, keeping tabs on your entire IT estate isn’t easy. At Netitude, we can step in to complement, enhance and support your in-house team by providing complete monitoring of your devices, servers, workstations and network. With 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting, our engineers can take care of any issues before they become a costly problem!

They’ll use root cause resolution to identify the origin and fix any issues to ensure your business stays safe. You’ll be kept in the loop about your network in the quarterly meetings with your vITD, where they’ll give you a full report detailing all alerts and remediation work.

Stronger security

Cyber threats plaguing the IT space are on the rise, and you need a complaint IT strategy to best protect the security and privacy of your clients.

A security-conscious co-managed IT service provider will ensure your business is fully fortified against cyber threats. Cyber security parameters are no longer an optional extra, which is why we opt for a multi-layered approach when it comes to securing your business. We provide services and solutions that aim to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats, ensuring your business has everything in place to operate in today’s cyber risk environment. Including regular phishing campaign training to educate your employees against the most common method of attack.

Complete, faster response time

An efficient co-manged IT service provider will provide your business with a fast response time. This is especially important when your in-house IT team is overloaded and not able to resolve IT issues that arise.

With an experienced co-managed IT service provider, you can relieve your team’s burden, ensure a faster response time and prevent security breaches – allowing normal activity to resume as quickly as possible.

At Netitude, our service desk support includes unlimited 1st, 2nd and 3rd on-site and remote line support, however, you can choose the level of support your business needs based on the structure of your internal team. Additionally, our Microsoft-certified engineers are verified to the highest level and work above the industry-leading SLA, meaning they’re equipped to deal with issues of any complexity in minimal time – helping to ensure your workforce runs smoothly and efficiently.

Co-managed IT support with Netitude

When high demand on your business leaves your in-house team struggling to cope, co-managed IT support is the solution you need. At Netitude, we'll provide your business with a seamless integration to enhance your IT infrastructure and work with you hand-in-hand to complement, enhance and support your existing IT team; strengthening your services and propelling your success to new heights.

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