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We like to move it, move it!

Adam Harling May 10, 2019 12:00:00 AM
View of our new open pal office in Commerce Park


I consider us, our business and team to be extremely lucky, but also hardworking and dedicated.

Over the last few years, our business has really got into its stride, with 17 years of trading history behind us, a wealth of experience and some of the best technical people I have ever met making up our awesome team. Not forgetting to mention our amazing clients, to whom we are truly grateful.

We continue to grow, our headcount currently sits at around 35 and our hire plan sees us with 44 by December 2019 (we are currently recruiting for a few roles – please take a look if you are interested!).

Our old offices in Frome town were becoming “cosy” to say the least.

With 2000sqft and a good portion of that space used by kitchens, hallways, etc we were packed in like sardines, sharing desks and working on top of each other. We had literally zero room left for any more desks, let alone meeting space or stock.

Our previous offices were also split over two floors, and while every effort was made to keep communication open between the floors, I won’t cover for the fact that it did present a challenge.

We desperately needed more space, thankfully and just in time, we found the perfect new home.

The actual purchase took some time however, it really was a long time coming and a painful wait. Some 4 or so months from initial offer to exchange!

Our own Luke Haskins kept all the commercials moving from our side, chasing the various parties and basically made this dream a reality. We all owe the big man a big beer. Cheers Luke, thanks for making it happen!

Our new offices offer 5000sqft, three (3! count em!) meeting rooms, open plan working, a breakout and dining area. We could even accommodate a pool table – if Luke “not unless it’s free” Haskins would allow it (we are working on him).


Last week we finally began our move. After just over a months of refurb work (photos coming), every inch of the new building has been painted and fancy new carpets put down. More desks, more facilities and it all had to be done before the team could move.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to the team that worked tirelessly to get everything ready, our own Amy Coombes took the reigns to keep everything on track and has delivered in spades.

Also and a big thanks to my own mum (a dab hand with a paintbrush) and George from GJC carpentry and building in Street, Somerset – great work, it looks brilliant.

The team and technology move was planned to the nth degree (what else would you expect?!), with a good portion of our own servers moved to cloud services and our data centre well in advance – a great opportunity to move our own tech-forward was grasped with both hands – led by our own Robin Mayo, Josh Bradley and the really techy stuff by the unfazeable legend that is Shimon Sorga.

All while keeping all our client’s technology working, meetings happening, solutions designed and projects delivered – a monumental effort from the whole team.

The Future

As mentioned above, we have great plans ahead of us.
Our new space means we can now start to offer training sessions, with space to cater for around 30 attendees at any one time. More details on this will be released shortly.

We also have ample space to further grow our team, beyond this year I can only see that headcount going north. We will of course always keep our culture and spirit, it’s what makes us… us.

So, here we are on Commerce Park – Unit E5. Please do drop in and say hello, would be great to show you around, we’re quite proud.

Thanks to everyone, thanks to our customers!!

Here’s to our new future! Adam.