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Short Term Cover

Supplementing your IT staff, howsoever required

Many organisations wish to employ their own IT staff rather than rely entirely on external expertise. This may be in situations where a deep understanding of specialist systems is required, or because their own IT people have enhanced familiarity with the day-to-day needs of users and the business.  Even with the most competent and able IT staff, there will be occasions when difficulties or shortfalls will inevitably occur. For example:

  • During holiday periods
  • Sudden illness
  • During the business’s peak or seasonal periods
  • When new projects or installations require additional IT staff or technical experts
  • Where the business’s operational hours extend into evenings and weekends.

In such situations system shutdowns would spell disaster for any business, but the alternative of maintaining ‘just-in-case’ staffing levels can be economically unthinkable.  The key challenge to maintaining consistent and available systems is the reliable availability of:

  • Interim IT staff with practical operational experience in business environments
  • On demand IT resources that are adaptable and responsive
  • An in-depth range of technical expertise,available as and when specifically required
  • Skilled support for IT problems that arise outside of normal working hours

Impact of a failure to act

Poor management or disregard of IT staffing levels can result in:

  • Disruption through reduced access to systems causing loss of business and putting your reputation at risk.
  • Failure to prevent or resolve problems that occur outside normal working hours.
  • Poor morale and an unhappy workforce which in turn affects productivity and has a negative impact on customer service and relationships.
  • Your IT systems declining into a “It Will Do” state, where no resources are targeted at improvements or better use of existing technologies.
  • Difficulty retaining key IT staff

Netitude Supplementary Services With an extensive background in all types of IT Operations, ranging to IT Director level, Netitude is ideally placed to supplement and support your IT staff in any moments of need. Our technical experts can address the complete range of technology needs found in most businesses including: Servers,Workstations, Cabling, Networks, Wi-Fi and Mobile computing.

During busy periods or outside of normal working hours, we can provide online and telephone support to both your onsite and remote employees, using the latest diagnostic software and under your ‘own label’ if required.  For holiday or sickness cover, members of our team can visit your premises and ‘stand in’ for as long as required.

Benefits of Netitude Supplementary Services:

  • Cost effective solution to resolving IT Staff difficulties or shortfalls
  • Remote helpdesk support with latest diagnostic capabilities
  • Breadth of technical expertise in all aspects of business systems
  • Friendly helpful people with practical IT operational experience.

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What Our Clients Say

"I have only been working at Netitude for a couple of months but already the training, development and team support has been great. " — Ashley Hodgson 1st Line Projects Engineer, on working for Netitude